Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas The Woodland, Texas May 18, 2013
Event Name: Ironman Texas 2013
Event Date: 05/18/13

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About C Different 

The C Different Foundation works to create opportunity for visually impaired athletes to participate in athletic events.

C Different Foundation also seeks out other types of opportunities for our athletes to share their message. We promote total integration for blind and visually impaired athletes for the benefit of society in all countries worldwide.

Charlie and I at Ironman Texas 2011

 C Different Foundation

I have spent the past 7 years challenging myself and others take on athletic events that push not only ones body but mind and spirit.

During this time I have raced in everything from a 5K to the Ironman, but my proudest moments are when I am guiding visually impaired and blind athletes through the same events proving to themselves and others that anything is possible.  

The C Different Foundation teams up individuals from the visually impaired and blind community with sighted athletes to help them take on athletic events they never thought possible.   

Now I need your help as I prepare to once again take on several endurance events, including the Chevron Houston Marathon, Ironman Galveston 70.3, The Boston Marathon and Ironman Texas.  

It is your generosity and belief in the C Different Foundation that will give these individuals the opportunity to live outside their comfort zone and to compete with everyone else.

What its like to be a guide: 

My Generous Donors
Adela Fitzgerald$50.00  05/17/2013Go Justin! - Adela
Jesus Silva Jr.$164.00  05/15/2013Great job, keep it going!
Anonymous$10.00  05/14/2013 
George Brown$100.00  05/14/2013Keep making a differnce in one's life!
Brian Schack$35.00  05/08/2013Great Job Justin! Inspiring!
Rebecca Spera$50.00  04/23/2013Thanks for your inspiration, Justin! Have a great race!
Michael Nesbit $250.00  04/17/2013Justin, I admire your physical abilities but RESPECT your interest in others less fortunate!!!
Scott & Kelly Buehler$100.00  03/16/2013 
Larry Hygh$50.00  03/07/2013Go Justin! Have a blast!
Terry Dupler$50.00  03/05/2013Justin, you and the athletes you guide are an inspiration! See ya at IMTX!
Sara Wilson$50.00  03/04/2013Good luck Justin!
Texas Reardon$15.00  03/01/2013Good Luck Justin!
Cathy Zimmerman$25.00  02/21/2013Good Luck Justin!!
Feli Wong$100.00  02/18/2013Your heart is in the right place! Good luck with the ironman event. We need more people like you in this world.
Alexander Luster$25.00  02/11/2013thanks for the continued inspiration
Edward Buehler$50.00  11/26/2012Very proud of what you do.
Deborah Lea$25.00  08/20/2012Go Justin!
Melinda/Lance Fielder$100.00  08/19/2012Awesome!
Juan Madrid$500.00  07/24/2012Good things happen to good people!
Jamie Belinne$25.00  07/22/2012Best of luck!
Dante Prada$50.00  07/20/2012You are an example for all of us !
Amanda Williams$50.00  07/20/2012 
Grady Harrisom$56.00  07/18/2012Thank you for making a difference
joseph sternberg$50.00  07/17/2012Good Luck
Mack Blankenship$50.00  07/14/2012Mack&Adessa
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