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Gulf Coast Archive & Museum

Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender History, Inc. (GCAM) is a large collection of artifacts and stories, from the 1950's to the present, focusing on the Texas Gulf Coast area. GCAM facilitates education and research for all interested in learning about the GLBTQ community. GCAM will continue to tell the stories of the triumphs and struggles of this community for future generations.


I am hanging up my high heels for running shoes April 6, at 7:30am, and plan to run 10k for GCAM the Gulf Coast Archives and Museum GLBT, in Houston Texas.  I have been performing in benefit shows for our community for years wearing high heels, not this time, it is running shoes for me.  This year will be the 20th anniversary for GCAM, which began with a statement from me, Where is the Gay Museum?.  GCAM has been collecting, cataloguing, archiving, preserving and sharing our history for 2 decades.  My goal is to fundraise to help pay the rent at GCAM. So i will run and you donate. GOT MY BACK, it is not a question it is a statement.  When you donate, I will be proud to put your name (and or anyone you want to honor) on the back of my new "Got My Back" running shirt.  Thank you for your support in my efforts, you have GOT MY BACK. 








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The Gay 10K
April 6, 2019  Houston, TX
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