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Planned Pethood International

At Planned Pethood International (PPI), our mission is to significantly reduce pet overpopulation and suffering of companion animals by offering affordable common sense veterinary medicine to everyone. We are a full service affordable quality care clinic for companion animals. We believe that everyone should be able to afford medical care for their pet. PPI offers exams, vaccinations, spay/neutering and full surgical services. PPI also offers low cost spay/neuter clinics throughout the world, veterinarian training in over thirty-six countries, and adoptable rescued animals.

Our nation euthanizes more than 3.7 million dogs and cats every year according to the American Humane Organization, one of the founding members of the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy. Affordable veterinary medicine and spay/neuter can prevent so many unnecessary deaths of innocent animals. Your support is crucial to our efforts.


Vintage Park Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Houston, TX
May 2, 2021

Join our team in 3 simple steps

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  3. Share your story with family and friends!

There is no fundraising minimum to participate, and we encourage you to set a high goal, at least $1,000. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Run Houston! For a Cause awards the following additional donations to the nonprofits of the highest athlete fundraisers.

$2,500 in additional prize donations to win

  • 1st Place – $800, 2nd Place – $500, 3rd Place – $300, 4th Place $225, 5th Place – $175 each, 6th Place – $150, 7th Place – $125, 8th Place – $100, 9th Place – $75, 10th Place – $50

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