MAM's mission is to assure families have the means to meet their basic needs. Last year, MAM helped over 27,000 individuales by offering a multitude of programs designed to teach, empower, and instill confidence. We know families who turn to us for help are resilient and have an extraordinary desire to make it on their own merits.

MAM focuses on helping families build upon their own foundations and adds the education needed for them to regain their independence. They are armed with a renewed sense of confidence and the capacity to keep insecurities from becoming the norm. Programs such as Employment Services, Financial Education and Coaching, Immigration Legal Services and Mental Health Counseling will impact the lives of all who walk through our doors. And Adult Literacy Programs provide the key that opens all doors. 

With your support, we can restore confidence in our community’s most vulnerable families and empower them to move out of poverty and pay their bills on time, every month. This is where success begins.

Learn more at mamhouston.org

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