Around the clock comfort is offered to children in the form of a teddy bear; educational resources and support for their family to get information they need during the challenging time of caring for their sick child.  In the past 12 years over 38,000 bears have been given to critically ill children and over 2,500 people a month utilize the resource center on the website. 

In 2009 the founder’s godson Joe, was in the Hospital with Leukemia and asked her for a teddy bear for comfort when she could not be there.  He had that teddy bear with him until he passed away.  The bear’s name was Joe Joe Bear and the foundation is in his memory. Since then the Foundation has expanded its programs to serve more people.

Many people donate money to cancer research, but not to the emotional wellbeing of the patient. A teddy bear is not just a toy; it is an emotional support companion. Many of the sick children, who receive a Joe Joe Bear will not live long enough to see a cure. This special bear becomes a friend who will be with them when they are scared and alone, helping reduce stress and provide comfort. The bears can go places their parents cannot such as testing and surgery to name a few.

Learn more at www.joejoebear.org

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