The Joe Joe Bear Foundation provides children in the hospital with a life trheatening illness at teddy bear to provide comfort when they are scared and alone. 

The Joe Joe Bear Foundation was created in memory of Joseph David Ordaz who passed away in 2009. He was the Godson of the founder and asked her for a teddy bear to hold while he was alone so that he could feel like she was with him always. The charity was created to keep Joe’s memory alive and to help others in the same situation. It saddened him to hear the children crying at night in the hospital when they were alone and scared, he would say, “I wish I could help comfort the sick children.” Since then the Foundation has given over 34,000 teddy bears to children with life threatening illnesses in the greater Houston Area. Every month 445 bears are distributed to 11 area hospitals. 

in 2019 The foundation launched an educational resources section on the website to help familes find needed information about the their childs illness and care needs. 

Learn more at www.joejoebear.org

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