Hope For Three is a preeminent 501(c)3 nonprofit and advocacy group created to fill an unmet need in the autism community.  Founded in 2011, the organization provides resources, support and financial assistance exclusively for families with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD or autism).  We also create community awareness through outreach, education, and events. 

With increased funding opportunities, Hope For Three can continue to impact our community, families, and children by providing funding, outreach awareness, support, and hope.  If we make available, needed resources, as early as possible, life outcomes will improve not only for children with ASD, but families as well.  Ultimately life-long costs and long term obligations to society may be reduced. The need is tremendous for an organization like Hope For Three. 

Due to remarkable growth, Hope For Three is one of the leading autism advocacy groups in the Greater Houston area.  We are confident in our ability to make real change happen for our families, but we still have a lot of work to do!  With your help, we can be the difference and provide hope for amazing, "ausome" and differently-able kiddos.  

Learn more at hopeforthree.org

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