The Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) was formed in 1947 to promote the science and profession of geophysics and to foster fellowship and cooperation among all persons interested in geophysics.

The GSH forms the heart of a Houston-based geophysical community and gives opportunities to interact with colleagues throughout the profession.  It is a public foundation and a charitable, tax-exempt organization under 501(c)3 of the IRS tax codes.

As one of the largest sections of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the GSH encourages and supports scientific, educational, and charitable activities of benefit to geophysicists.

Donations to the GSH will go towards funding educational outreach activities and scholarships.

If you are a geoscientist, please consider joining or renewing your membership today.

Learn more at www.gshtx.org

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October 12, 2018
 Topwater Grill & Marina, 815 Avenue O, San Leon, Texas 77539
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October 20, 2018
 Sam Houston Park
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November 25, 2018
 Houston, TX
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December 8, 2018
 Houston, TX
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