Education is more than just academics and a holistic approach is needed to prepare our youth to thrive in the 21st century. As we fail to cultivate our youth’s potential, we miss out on their contributions, and millions are left behind to become disconnected. The Enjoyable Pain of Growth Academy ("EPOG Academy") is a non-profit that exists to create a world where more people realize their potential and our mission is to make personal development part of education!

We INSPIRE and EQUIP underserved youth to realize their potential through an online and evidence-based model of professional coaching and personal development programs. Results from our pilot study show that our program is leading to positive outcomes both inside and outside of the classroom. We've seen measurable increases in student's ability to execute goals, view themselves as a leader, regulate their emotions, and be resilient, which has translated to tangible action.

Learn more at www.epogacademy.org

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