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Bering Church

Bering’s mission is to joyfully share God’s love for all the world through our committed word and action as seekers of Jesus Christ.



Show Us Your Pride!
June 1 - 30, 2020

Members of Bering Church, a reconciling community, and friends and allies are invited to walk, run, dance, sing, bike, create art for PRIDE and help us raise money for an immigration attorney committed to helping the LGBTQAI+ immigrant community.  We have partnered with Reason2Race and made it really easy.

STEP 1: SET YOUR PRIDE GOAL- Pick what you want to do to celebrate PRIDE each day of June and set you goal: walk one or more miles or for a certain amount of time, tap dance one dance, sing one song, bike ride one route or for a set amount of time, run a certain distance, create one piece of art, tell one story each day of June and post it or share about it on Facebook or whatever social media you choose to show your PRIDE. 

STEP 2: SIGN UP FOR TEAM BERING - "JOIN TEAM" and CREATE A FUNDRAISING PAGE with a goal of $1000 or more. 

STEP 3: ASK YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, NEIGHBORS, COLLEAGUES, and OTHERS to join the team with their own PRIDE goal for June and help raise money or to contribute to your fundraising page and support the cause.  Tell them why you are showing your PRIDE  in the way you chose and why you are raising money - to help some of the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQAI+ community who are undocumented immigrants by providing legal representation dedicated to their needs. 

STEP 4: START WALKING, DANCING, SINGING, or whatever way you decided to do to show your PRIDE and post about it on social media.  When you do, include a link to your fundraising page.  Email your contact list and tell them what you are doing and give them your fundraising page link. 

We need 100 participants each raising $1000 to make this happen.  Sign up to show your PRIDE, make a difference, and have fun all at the same time. Go TEAM BERING! Go!

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Jim Carter

Jim Carter

Raised $1,595
Goal $1,000
Diane McGehee

Diane McGehee

Raised $1,210
Goal $2,500
Claire Lapointe

Claire Lapointe

Raised $0
Goal $0