The She Is A CEO Foundation is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization founded to encourage entrepreneurship, build self-esteem, independence and the love of charity among young girls and women. Through its programs, the foundation strives to create entrepreneurs one little girl at a time and support other organizations that educate and enrich the lives of girls.

Through its signature programs, The SHE IS A CEO Foundation strives to create experiences that broaden the perspectives, attitudes and knowledge of girls. The foundation is committed to transforming communities and impacting lives by raising funds and developing resources to support programs that empower underprivileged girls, encourage entrepreneurship, and spark their desire for giving to others.

Our Goals:

•   To encourage and Inspire girls to become Entrepreneurs/ CEOs

•   To provide inspiration, opportunity, capital and scholarships for young female entrepreneurs

•   To support charities and provide scholarships for those with the least; particularly those providing food, shelter, education, healthcare and other resources for underprivileged girls and their families in the US and Africa

•   To grant wishes to underprivileged girls and their families

•   To provide resources and education for girls to pursue STEM based businesses

The She Is A CEO Foundation is committed to using the platforms and experiences of successful female CEOs to provide opportunities and exposure to future girl leaders. We are investing our expertise and resources into disadvantaged girls in order to give them hope, inspiration, and the confidence to be fearless. Since 2015, hundreds of middle school girls have taken part in our Entrepreneurship Academy, leadership series and a myriad of cultural experiences and charitable events. We are excited about what the future holds for these girls! Join us in our plight to empower the next generation of female CEOs.


Learn more at www.sheisaceo.org

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