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IBC Network Foundation

The purpose of The IBC Network Foundation is simple:

  •  To fund research regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
  •  To provide an avenue to network proactive education to the general population as well as the medical community regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer.


Hunt for Hope Ohio
 Lewis Center, Ohio (Columbus)
October 6, 2019 - January 1, 2020


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Hunt for Hope Update:

To the Ohio Hunt for Hope Community: 

As we approach the fall, I write with a bittersweet message on behalf of the Lori Gill Grennan family. We have decided to suspend the October 2019 Hunt for Hope Scavenger Hunt. Included below is more about the incredible impact and global reach of the Hunt; our commitment to creating a new marquee fundraising event; and how as the Hunt evolves, so does Lori's legacy.

For eight years, we have gathered, honored, and laughed in the first weeks of October. What started as an idea from Lori - harkening back to the fun of high school scavenger hunts - became a yearly celebration. We wore wigs, dug through tunnels, and ate Skyline Coneys with no hands. And our community opened up their arms and doors for us, with many local businesses sponsoring or hosting the clues and answers. Through laughter and tears (and more than a bit of awe), we announced a yearly total, and those eight years of grassroots efforts brought in $613,000 and funded 15 research studies. And we never forgot the purpose: to fund research and education to eradicate Inflammatory Breast Cancer. 

So that we can beat this, it's time to evolve. We heard from you that a weekend event in the fall is a challenge. The energy that runs the Hunt is the same energy that takes you to school functions, family gatherings, and fall outings. All often on the same weekend. We hear you. We're committed to creating a new opportunity that is the new marquee event for our fundraising. While we don't yet know what it will look like, it will be as accessible as it is fun, inspiring...and hopefully a little ridiculous. In true Hunt fashion.

This is hard and this is emotional for us. The Hunt is Lori's legacy, and saying goodbye to this iteration is heartbreakingly painful. We've debated and cried, and we know this is the right decision. Because we also know that the Hunt went well beyond that Sunday in October. It was an inspiring mix of emails, posts, pictures, and stories that landed in the hearts of people who had never even been to Ohio. Friends-of-friends-of-friends shared Lori's story, donated dollars. Quirkily-named teams created equally quirky campaigns, and funds rolled in from August through the spring. While the Hunt for Hope event on October 6 was to be the symbol, it is the fundraising that continues to be what Lori really wanted: raise money for cancer research. That passionate, relevant, graceful intention is not going away. While the Hunt will look a bit different, it's also ubiquitous. Always there. And that is Lori's legacy that continues to live and grow.

While we create the next generation of her legacy, our family and Lori's friends encourage you to raise funds for the IBC Network Foundation. You can do so by clicking JOIN TEAM to create a fundraising page or donate to an existing supporter/participant below. We will continue to communicate with you, would love your ideas, thank you and - most of all - love and honor Lori Gill Grennan.

With love,

The Lori Gill Grennan Family