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Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute

Fuller Life Family Therapy is a 501c3 non-profit organization in Houston, Texas providing qualtity, accessible and affordable professional counseling services as we train and empower therapists within an intense faith-based post-graduate residency. 

Our aim is growth in relational, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness for our clients, therapists and community. Read about our core values to learn more about our approach to therapy and training.

Fuller Life was founded by Dr. Amy Fuller and Jennifer Christian with a dream of building a bridge both for clients facing the challenges of life and for developing therapists pursuing clinical excellence. Our resident therapists see clients on a sliding scale fee structure.  

We are hoping to raise funds for a scholarship program to cover the cost of therapy services for clients who lose their jobs or are not able to cover even our already reduced counseling fees. A gift of $240 will enable an individual, couple or family to attend 6 therapy sessions to address their current life struggle. 


Fuller Life New Year New You
 Anywhere you are
January 1 - February 28, 2021

Join our "New Year New You" Healing Practice Challenge

We are all excited to see 2020 pass and begin anew in 2021!  Fuller Life Family Therapy is dedicated to your overall health in physical, mental, relational and spiritual wellness. We want to encourage regular and healing practices to facilitate a "full life" for body, mind and spirit.  

Let's kick off 2021 by bringing back or beginning a new regular practice that would nurture body, mind or spirit. It could be a physical practice such as walking, running, cycling, eating well or yoga.  It may be a spiritual practice such as meditation, centering prayer, spiritual reading or charity.  Perhaps it is a mental practice such as journaling, gratitude, reading or learning something new.  A final option would be a relational practice that would improve your personal relationships. Read about healing practices on our website. 

We are adding accountability in the form of your supporters to encourage you along the way. Setting up a campaign page and sharing your goal with others supports you in having your new or restored practice become a reality. As you ask your friends and family to sponsor you in your new year, new year body, mind and spirit effort, you also spread the message about Fuller Life Family Therapy and the difference we make in our community.  

We are launching this campaign to fund our scholarship program for our clients.  A gift of $240 will cover six counseling sessions for an individual, family or couples.  Many of our clients have lost their jobs in light of the pandemic or are not able to cover the already reduced fees we offer.

We are grateful to have caring and generous supporters to partner with us in our efforts to make therapy accessible to all persons, regardless of their ability to pay.  

The great thing is you get to choose the practice you find most inspiring! 

It’s easy!  Just follow the below steps.  

Step One: Click the JOIN TEAM button below and create a fundraising campaign page. Share your New Year New You Healing Practice and explain why you are dedicating this goal to Fuller Life Family Therapy and our counseling scholarship fund. 

Step Two: Share, Share, Share, your campaign page with everyone you know!   Sharing your goals with others helps to motivate your practice and provide accountability to maintain the goal. 

Your fundraising will go towards our scholarship therapy fund providing counseling to individuals, families and couples in crisis or in need of counseling services.  Thank you for your generosity!

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Stephanie Jordan

Stephanie Jordan

Raised $1,864
Goal $1,000
Chantail Green

Chantail Green

Raised $1,096
Goal $1,000
Margarita Castaneda

Margarita Castaneda

Raised $190
Goal $1,000
Amy Fuller

Amy Fuller

Raised $155
Goal $1,000
Laura Bard

Laura Bard

Raised $150
Goal $1,000
Lindsay Perry

Lindsay Perry

Raised $55
Goal $1,000