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Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI)

Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI) is a global Christian child sponsorship organization that serves children and youth separated from their families which live in extreme poverty. Our mission is to connect children without families with safe and loving homes. Our goal for each child is a lifestyle of resiliency, determination, hope for the furure and faith in God.

Our approach features professionally delivered social services, child sponsorships, humanitarian aid campaigns and missions that address the material and spiritual needs of humanity.



The Woodlands Marathon, Half, 5K and 2K
 The Woodlands, Texas
February 24 - March 3, 2018

Why are we racing? 

Last year we ran for a group of 12 girls living in a village in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, who were not able to attend high school and were forced to drop out of school due to lack of transportation. The closest high school to their village was 15 km (10 miles) away. With no school bus system available and no possibility of moving to a larger town to continue learning, their education goals were cut short as had been the fate of most impoverished youth in that village, for generations. A sad reality that forced many youth and families into a life of poverty.

Last year's Reason2Race campaign played a major role in the advancement of these youth. With the gifts raised by our Reason2Race team and a building allocated by a Sri Lankan youth club, we established a vocational program, a Sewing Center, and provided training to 15 girls who were able to secure jobs in their country. The program also assisted 15 boys in accessing driving classes and secure employment near their home town.

What are we raising for this year?

Thirty youth have been through CERI’s program last year and there are many more that need our help. After witnessing the transformation in the lives of their peers, 25 additional youth shared their stories and struggles with us…  We learned of both, the hope and the hopelessness they face as children… Their stories and their plight for a better life are the inspiration for this year’s Reason2Race campaign. We will continue building on last year’s cause and raise funds for youth such as Laxshaniya (16), Stephan (17) and Sharmila (16). We will share their stories with you in the following weeks, as we want you to know how your commitment and compassion can make a difference in their lives.   

Today we invite you to contribute to this cause and help us offer Sri Lankan youth the opportunities they deserve for a better future! Partner with us to keep these youth safe and provide them the wrap-around services they need to succeed. It will take $8,000 to continue this program for one more year and impact the lives of 25 more youth!     

Join our team by following these 3 simple steps:

1.    Register for the event HERE

2.    Join our Reason2Race by clicking JOIN EVENT TEAM

3.    Share the news with your friends and family!

There is no fundraising minimum to participate, donations in any amount are truly a blessing, however, based on 2017 contributions we ask that you set a goal of $1,000 to start with. The Woodlands Charity Challenge is a great way for us to raise even more for the youth in our care. This challenge also awards prizes to the cause of the top 20 athlete fundraisers! Scroll to the bottom of the page to support one of our amazing team members today! 

$15,000 in additional prize donations to win!

  • 1st place athlete fundraiser wins $4,000 for his/her cause
  • 2nd place athlete fundraiser wins $3,000 for his/her cause
  • 3rd place athlete fundraiser wins $2,000 for his/her cause
  • 4th place athlete fundraiser wins $1,000 for his/her cause
  • 5th - 8th place athlete fundraisers win $500 for their causes
  • 9th - 20th place athlete fundraisers win $250 for their causes

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Connie Belciug

Connie Belciug

Raised $598
Goal $1,000
Emelia Forbau

Emelia Forbau

Raised $22
Goal $1,000
Sonya Thompson

Sonya Thompson

Raised $0
Goal $450
Asennet Segura (Pearson)

Asennet Segura (Pearson)

Raised $0
Goal $5,000