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Addis Faith Foundation

Our mission: We are dedicated to ending childhood cancer. Our purpose is to raise funds for research in pediatric brain tumors as well as provide financial assistance to families struggling with the added costs incurred when caring for a child with cancer. We believe that there is a cure out there and together we will find it.


Gritty Goddess Female Obstacle Run 2019
 Moody Gardens, Galveston Island, Texas
April 13, 2019

Thanks for FUNDRAISING FOR ADDI'S FAITH FOUNDATION!  In our 11th year, we continue our mission of RESEARCH & RELIEF!  Together we KNOW we can help END this dreadful disease! #endingchildhoodcancer.

Here's some information about the event!


We know you’re swamped in laundry, work, school, motherhood, wivery (not a real word, but we’ll go with it) – you know… LIFE.

But you really need to set aside one day for yourself and take on a different sort of challenge. What is it exactly? It’s an obstacle course (around 5k)built just for women, no matter your age, shape, size or athletic ability. It’s a way to get back to nature, and reconnect with your inner goddess. And it’s non-competitive, so you can take your sweet time, have fun, and enjoy every moment with your friends!

Yes, it’s gritty too. There will be mud, sand, foam and water involved (we said “get back to nature”), and some other, fun goop as well – so we suggest you leave your Marchesa gown and Jimmy Choos at home. You’ll also be required to run, crawl, climb, slide, balance, hoist, swing, stretch, and make your body do things it may not usually do. That’s all part of the fun!

Gather your fellow goddesses for this fun event that’s all about women, and women ONLY.  Can't wait to see you on Saturday, April 13th!

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