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Trees For Houston

Trees For Houston is a non-profit organization whose simple yet focused mission is to plant, protect, and promote trees throughout the greater Houston area.

While retaining street tree plantings as a core element of our organizational mission, Trees For Houston has methodically expanded its reach, which now includes a wide variety of planting projects ranging from esplanades and trails to parks and schools.

Our constituency is a diverse and dynamic as the city of Houston itself. By planting trees wherever they may benefit the public, we can ensure a far reaching impact throughout our region for generations to come. Much like the trees that we plant, Trees For Houston's roots are deep, firmly established and continually growing. 

Run Houston! Sugar Land 10K, 5K, 1K
 Sugar Land, TX
December 3, 2016

Industrialization over the last few centuries has shortened the lifespan of the Earth drastically. Because of this I believe in not just doing something "right", but also something good in order to help the overall health of this planet.

This causes me to support Trees for Houston because of the effect of trees on the environment; their intake of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen regulates pollution that has been emitted from millions of factories around the world. Factories and pollution are not the only harmful factors though, as the massive amount of deforestation increases the amount of harmful gases and causes many places around the world to have black and poisonous smog.

Houston's air quality is one of the worst in the U.S but can be improved by growing more trees. Trees for Houston is a local non-profit organization with efforts on planting and maintaining trees in the greater Houston area. For your generous donation, my parents will match dollar to dollar on all the money i raise up to $1000.

Please join me to support Trees for Houston in helping to improve the quality of life on Earth for everyone and everything around us!

Thank you for your support.


Donations2Date: $2,475

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bridgeway Run Houston $225.00* 12/15/2016 Congratulations and thank you for participating in Bridgeway Run Houston! For A Cause.
Anonymous Donor $100.00 12/3/2016
Anonymous Donor $100.00* 12/2/2016
Pei Weng $1,000.00* 12/2/2016 Have fun and run hard! Remember all the people who supported you. Love, mom & dad
Donald Chang $50.00 12/1/2016
John Montgomery $100.00* 11/25/2016
Loretta Wilson $50.00 11/22/2016 Good Luck!
Elena Khoziaeva $25.00 11/18/2016 Awesome! Good luck, Zachary, and thank you for helping Trees for Houston grow!
Kai Liu $50.00 11/18/2016 Great cause, go Zachary!
Monika Henderson $50.00* 11/18/2016
jacob borbidge $25.00 11/17/2016 Run on Zachary!
Zhenyu Yu $20.00 11/13/2016
Anonymous Donor $50.00 11/11/2016
Linda Giuffre $50.00 11/11/2016 Good luck!
Amy Rubright $50.00 11/10/2016
James McKissick $50.00 11/10/2016 Go Zachary! Way to make a difference!
Letty Wanzong $50.00* 11/10/2016
Sharon Lester $50.00 11/9/2016 Great work Zachary!
Helena Qian $20.00 11/9/2016
Michael Wang $50.00 11/8/2016 Go Guo!
Jim Zhou $20.00 11/8/2016
Duke Cancelmo $50.00 11/8/2016
Stephanie Guo $20.00 11/8/2016 Go Zach!! And go trees!
William Guo $20.00 11/6/2016
Anonymous Donor $200.00 11/5/2016
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