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Mission in Motion

Team Mission in Motion was created to empower, motivate, and inspire our St. Paul’s community and friends to “Get Fit & Give Back” through training and fundraising. Scroll down and click the event links.  See our athlete list and please visit one of their campaigns. Donate by clicking sponsor me or make a donation!

Your support will change hundreds of lives through mission work this summer!

Thank you, St. Paul's Youth


Typhoon Texas Kids Tri
 Katy, TX
May 21, 2017

                                                   Thank you for visiting our Youth Mission Trip fundraising page!

We all have times in our lives that we need help, and then there are the times we are called to be the needed help for other.

Thank you for supporting St. Paul's Youth as we strive to answer the call to help others. 

We welcome your support through prayers and donations. Your support will help us build wheelchair ramps, repair roofs, paint houses, create impactful relationships, strengthen our faith, and so much more.  

Examples of what your donations will do:

$75 provides paint for one work team

$150 provides building supplies for a wheelchair ramp

$250 provides a scholarship for one youth to be on a week-long mission trip

$375 provides building supplies and transportation for one work team.

$500 provides registration fee and transportation cost of needed adult chaperones  

Thank you so much for your time and consideration! Any amount you can give will make a difference!

Please pass this along to others so they can find out how great our youth are!

Donations2Date: $4,760

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Mike Ragsdale $100.00 5/28/2017
Charles Myer $100.00 5/28/2017
Douglas Crosson $100.00 5/28/2017 JUMMP AND UMARMY ! ! . . . Woo-hoo, takes me back!!
Paul Aruffo $265.00 5/28/2017 Great job Tiffin and Sam! Count on us for next yesr
Bradley Bingham $75.00 5/28/2017
david Leeds $100.00 5/28/2017
Anonymous Donor $100.00 5/28/2017 Youth group is awesome!
KARLA LARSSON $50.00 5/27/2017
Martin Stupel $250.00 5/27/2017
Josh & Susie Vanlandingham $100.00 5/27/2017 GO ST. PAUL'S!!
Susan Moody $100.00 5/26/2017 Go Saint Paul's Youth Team!!!
Nina Brigman $200.00 5/26/2017 Best wishes! -The Brigman Family
Robert Mahlstedt $200.00 5/26/2017 Tiffin - If this is doubled, it should provide the supplies for a JUMMP team. Hopefully that works. You and Sam do a heck of a job for St. Paul's youth. Patty and Bob
Ronald Restrepo $100.00 5/26/2017 Good luck!
Anonymous Donor $375.00 5/26/2017
Angela Prince $200.00 5/20/2017 Morgan Peden & family
Anonymous Donor $550.00* 5/20/2017
Lisa Irvin $120.00 5/19/2017
Jane Pope $205.00 5/14/2017 Yahoo for Collin and Camille!!
Courtney Pope $250.00 5/14/2017 Go Team Thrash! We love you Collin and Camille!
John Watson $500.00 5/14/2017
Anonymous Donor $150.00 5/9/2017
Anonymous Donor $265.00 5/8/2017
Anonymous Donor $100.00 5/8/2017
Kenneth L Coleman $75.00 4/29/2017
Anonymous Donor $130.00 4/28/2017 Go Youth Team Go!!!
* offline donation