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Katy ISD Education Foundation

Our mission is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for students enrolled in Katy ISD.

Katy Half Marathon 5K 1K
February 8, 2020
 Katy, TX

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Bryant Austin Brown and I have the honor and pleasure to teach at West Memorial Junior High School (WMJH)! I am a 6th grade Reading and Writing Teacher here at WMJH and coach Long Distance Running along with Teaching Robotics! We have a lot of fun with our learning here and I am so proud of all that Katy ISD has done here for our students. Our Katy ISD Education Foundation has put in the work to help support our teachers through grants so that we can further the success and help of our future generations. If you choose to help donate, you not only would be helping myself as a teacher, but overall and more importantly, helping the amazing students that are learning and growing up in our world to become the future leaders and workers for the next generations to come. I truly am grateful for any support and the fact that you took time out of your day to explore and read up on how you can help in supporting our wonderful and amazing students.

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