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Shield Bearer

Shield Bearer is a 501c3 nonprofit Christian organization fighting for the hearts of individuals, couples, and families as they battle to victory. Launched in 2005 to promote individual growth and development, preserve and enrich marriages, and strengthen and unite families, Shield Bearer has grown from one part time counselor to a team of twenty counselors in five locations, and serves over 16,000 people each year.

Shield Bearer offers sliding scale professional counseling services, support groups, workshops, and prevention programs including the Lindsay's Light Dating Violence Prevention Program, Mother Daughter Strong, and Strong Fathers Strong Families. Shield Bearer serves children, couples, individuals, and families, including those struggling with the trauma of Hurricane Harvey, crime, abuse, domestic violence, war, human trafficking, and more.

Shield Bearer Running for Hearts 5K and Walk
 10555 Spring Cypress Rd. Houston, TX 77070
April 7, 2018

Several years ago we became involved with Shield Bearer! They are on front lines fostering healthy relationships, building stronger marriages and restoring strong communities. We are fortunate and blessed to stand with Shield Bearer in their care for veterans, crime victims and their families,disaster survivors (such as Hurricane Harvey) and survivors of human trafficking. Please join us in the fight by joining our team of runners or giving a gift (of ANY amount) to help reach our goal! 

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Anonymous Donor $10.00 4/5/2018
Dudley Family Foundation $400.00* 3/24/2018 Thank You Shield Bearer!
Senika Love $20.00* 3/23/2018
Jamie Dillon $100.00 3/18/2018
Brooke Harrar $10.00 3/12/2018 You are so inspiring!
Anonymous Donor $20.00 3/11/2018
Yulia Yelkhimova $15.00 3/11/2018
Anonymous Donor $27.50 3/11/2018
Anonymous Donor $5.00 3/11/2018
Anonymous Donor $25.00 3/10/2018 This is to support Kijana spradley
Anonymous Donor $2.00 3/9/2018
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