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Bel Inizio

Located in Houston, Texas, Bel Inizio helps disadvantaged women develop self-confidence and life skills through fitness and nutrition. Participants train to complete a 5K, which helps prepare them for the ultimate race — the race for a better life.

Houston has a generous giving community and great compassion for those in need. We have emergency shelters, transitional housing, and half-way houses. The agencies offer case workers, recovery programs, and job skills training. What gets lost, and is critically needed, is helping individuals achieve the self esteem and confidence that can come from an ongoing exercise and nutrition program.

Vintage Park Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Houston, TX
May 2, 2021

I started Bel Inizio 11 yesrs ago never dreaming of the difference it would make in so many lives. We have had almost 800 women and men cross the finish line of local 5K races, in person or remotely. 


I am running this race for our Brigid's Hope Team completing their first 5K on May 8!

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Jeffrey Eernisse $50.00 3/26/2021 Wish it could be more! What you do is so important, and I admire it so much!
Dorena Moore $500.00 3/18/2021 Run well, my friend!
Theresa Strong $101.00 3/16/2021 Please join me in putting your wallet where your heart is.
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