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Bel Inizio

Located in Houston, Texas, Bel Inizio helps disadvantaged women develop self-confidence and life skills through fitness and nutrition. Participants train to complete a 5K, which helps prepare them for the ultimate race — the race for a better life.

Houston has a generous giving community and great compassion for those in need. We have emergency shelters, transitional housing, and half-way houses. The agencies offer case workers, recovery programs, and job skills training. What gets lost, and is critically needed, is helping individuals achieve the self esteem and confidence that can come from an ongoing exercise and nutrition program.

The Woodlands Marathon, Half, 5K and 2K
 The Woodlands, TX
February 27 - 28, 2015

I'm running for Victoria and the hundreds of other women like her in Houston. When Victoria was 10 her parents divorced due to her dad's abuse.  Her mom started doing drugs and by the age of 13 Victoria was getting high and stealing for her and her mother's habits. She went from high school to alternative school to boot camp and it went downhill from there. At 13 she was selling crack and living under a bridge with her mom (the car they were living in was sold to buy more drugs).

Victoria never had a chance.

At 21 she found herself pregnant with her third child and facing an aggravated assault charge with injury and robbery charge. She knew she had to break the hold the past had on her. Victoria joined Bel Inizio significantly overweight with a bad self-image but a desire to change. Through her training she learned to make a commitment and keep it. This has changed her life. She went back to school (while serving her sentence), has a 97 average and will be a paralegal in just a few weeks.

Victoria learned how exercise and eating right can change your life. She is motivated, a much better mother,  and has lost 30 lbs.  "When you exercise you feel good inside and out. It reminds me I am worthy of respect from myself and others" she told me recently.

Thanks to Bel inizio and a lot of hard work, when Victoria completes her sentence in a few months, she will have a foundation of success upon which to build.

I run for Victoria and so many other women trying to turn their lives around. Your donation will make such big difference.  Thank you. 


Donations2Date: $5,840

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
The Woodlands Marathon Management $500.00* 3/13/2015 Congratulations and thank you for participating in The Woodlands Marathon Charity Challenge.
Alvin Chung $35.00 2/27/2015 Stay warm and keep running!
Penny Wilson $50.00 2/27/2015
Jared McLaurin $25.00 2/27/2015 So happy to help you!!!!
Larry DeSpain $100.00 2/27/2015 Enjoy the run throught the wooded lands!! Run stron, Theresa! :-)
Jonina Dickey $50.00 2/25/2015 After hearing yet another testimony from Holly today at Boot camp I had to donate again. Wow, she is a changed person so confident and renewed in her faith . It brings are group so much joy to see this transformation.!
Kristen Koudelka $50.00 2/25/2015
Anonymous Donor $30.00 2/25/2015 I hope this helps you reach your goal. Many thanks to you and all of the other wonderful volunteers who help these women find help and healing for a better life.
Anonymous Donor $204.00 2/25/2015 You go Theresa!!! Love you and what you do! Hope this gets you to your fundraising goal!!
Ruthie Kelly $100.00 2/25/2015
Molly Malone $100.00 2/25/2015 Bel Inizio does more with its dollars than any nonprofit organization I know. It's a privilege to help.
Sue and Lonnie Cox $200.00* 2/23/2015
Melanie Lux $100.00 2/21/2015
Theresa Bueno $25.00 2/20/2015 WIshing you a fun and fabulous race. Thank you for being such an inspiration!
Camille Calvert $25.00 2/20/2015
Deirdre Jacobson $100.00 2/20/2015
ConocoPhillips Matching Funds $500.00* 2/20/2015 Match for the Anonymous gift!
Anonymous . $500.00* 2/19/2015
Barbara Di Ferrante $100.00 2/18/2015 This is for Holly. Her transformation is nothing short of remarkable. She is a true inspiration for others struggling to reclaim their lives - as well as for her children.
Michelle R, Pena $30.00 2/16/2015 Awesome work you are doing for an awesome cause.. BELINIZIO. We love you...keep on smiling and keep up the good work.
Jonina Dickey $250.00 2/16/2015 I am so happy to hear the news about Beth. She was always so appreciative of your program.. And her testimony is amazing. Thank you for all you do for these women..
Anonymous Donor $250.00 2/10/2015 Love you and the work of Bel Inizio. Have a great run!
Alexandra Doan $50.00 2/9/2015 Go, go, go!!!
Susan Sternberg $26.00 2/9/2015 Good luck! Thanks for running for a great cause!!
Laurie Farris $50.00* 2/8/2015
Brook Ward $50.00 2/5/2015 Theresa, ...Jason and I wish you Good luck on the run and continued success with Bel Inizio.
Catherine Derrick $30.00 2/5/2015 What great things you and Jonina are doing to help Holly and the other struggling women!!
amy hinson $50.00 2/5/2015 Run Theresa Run!!!!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 2/5/2015 On behalf of Holly's story and other women struggling.
Sonnie Schepps Robinson, Foundation $1,000.00 2/4/2015
Bette Moser $100.00 2/4/2015 So honored to support you, Theresa, and Bel Inizio!
Anonymous Donor $30.00 2/3/2015 Glad to help, keep up the good work!
Katherine Bell $100.00 2/3/2015 Great Job! Keep up the amazing work!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 2/3/2015
Anonymous Donor $30.00 2/3/2015
Istra Bauza $50.00 2/3/2015 Glad to support Bel Inizio athletes! Have a blast and crush that race!
Donna sterns $100.00 2/3/2015 Theresa you have such a servant's heart. I so love what you are doing!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 2/3/2015 Great mission.
Lindy Scibilia $100.00 2/3/2015 You truly have the ?? of a Champion!
liz moore $50.00 2/3/2015
Edward Burleson $100.00 2/1/2015 Best wishes!
Roger Church $100.00 2/1/2015 Have a great run! Michelle & Roger "Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others." - Plato
Anonymous Donor $50.00 1/30/2015
Lawrence DeSpain $100.00 1/29/2015 Good Luck, Theresa. I know you will kill the run!!
Angelique Naylor $50.00 1/29/2015 Always happy to support you and Bel Inizio!
Nancy Oka $150.00 1/29/2015
Allison Hay $50.00 1/29/2015
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