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Bel Inizio

Located in Houston, Texas, Bel Inizio helps disadvantaged women develop self-confidence and life skills through fitness and nutrition. Participants train to complete a 5K, which helps prepare them for the ultimate race — the race for a better life.

Houston has a generous giving community and great compassion for those in need. We have emergency shelters, transitional housing, and half-way houses. The agencies offer case workers, recovery programs, and job skills training. What gets lost, and is critically needed, is helping individuals achieve the self esteem and confidence that can come from an ongoing exercise and nutrition program.

Run the Jailbreak Houston
October 27, 2012
 Houston, TX

Dear Friends:


  Thank you so much for your continued support of Bel Inizio!  


This October I will be again running to help our athletes.  This time, it's going to be messy!  You see, I'll be running in the "Run The Jailbreak" Mud Run which has over 15 muddy, wet, and challenging obstacles. (Yes, It is ironic that I am raising money to help women who are often serving time and in recovery by doing a "Jail Break".)


I'd like to ask for your help.  Please help Bel Inizio continue to change lives (Yeah!) AND challenge me to get down in the mud and conquer obstacles (Gross!) by donating on this page.


  I have a goal of $2,000 which will cover all the expected training and registration costs of a team of Bel Inizio / Santa Maria Hostel athletes complete their big challenge: the Great Pumpkin 5K Fun Run this Halloween!


I also invite you to get dirty with me for the race and choose Bel Inizio as your Reason2Race too. Just ask me how! Your performance and fun will improve when you know you are racing for Bel Inizio, and making a difference in your city.  It would be a BLAST to have an entire Bel Inizio team playing hard and making a difference. 


Thanks for your support!  



Donations2Date: $715

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Cris Strong $25.00 8/30/2012 Keep up the amazing work!
Amy (and Chris) Shaw $25.00 7/3/2012 So grateful for your generous spirit always!!!
Anne Strong $30.00* 6/22/2012 Go Bel Inizio
Michael & Theresa Dawn Strong $50.00* 6/20/2012 Train hard Sis!
Christa Robbins $50.00 6/19/2012 you go, girl!
David Skalsky $150.00 6/18/2012
Jesse Krottinger $50.00 6/16/2012 You're the best, neighbor.
Alex Osborn $10.00* 6/15/2012 Go Aunt Theresa
Donna & Hugh Flynn $50.00 6/14/2012 Go Theresa!!!!
Joanne Vest $25.00 6/13/2012 You are an amazing selfless woman, Theresa!
Melissa Burkholder $25.00 6/13/2012 Go Theresa and Bel Inzio!!!
Kevin Healy $25.00 6/13/2012
Molly Malone $100.00 6/13/2012
Larry DeSpain $100.00 6/12/2012 Keep your head out of the mud and on the goal!!
* offline donation