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Bel Inizio

Located in Houston, Texas, Bel Inizio helps disadvantaged women develop self-confidence and life skills through fitness and nutrition. Participants train to complete a 5K, which helps prepare them for the ultimate race — the race for a better life.

Houston has a generous giving community and great compassion for those in need. We have emergency shelters, transitional housing, and half-way houses. The agencies offer case workers, recovery programs, and job skills training. What gets lost, and is critically needed, is helping individuals achieve the self esteem and confidence that can come from an ongoing exercise and nutrition program.

Run Houston! Minute Maid Park 10K, 5K, 1K
 Houston, TX
March 7, 2020

Bel Inizio is my Reason2Race, and I gratefully ask for your support.  If I reach $500 I will get a $500 match!

In 30 short days, I am once again "going to go for it" and complete the Run Houston! Minute Maid Park 5K in honor of Bel Inizio and especially for our new partnership with Daya.

Daya serves south Asian women, children and men in the Houston area who have been the victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Daya survivors will be joining Bel Inizio’s spring team and we are raising support to make this the best program ever!  We want to give every Daya woman their own beautiful beginning.

Please support me as I train and run for Bel Inizio again! 

Donations2Date: $5,256

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Run Houston Race Series $500.00* 3/24/2020 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Run Houston! For A Cause program.
Millennia Young $30.00 3/7/2020
Rose Murray $25.00 3/7/2020 Go get 'em girl!
Dorena Moire $100.00 3/6/2020 No poems necessary...:-)
Anonymous Donor $50.00 3/6/2020
Sarah Cain $500.00 3/6/2020 Keep doing what you are doing! God Bless You!
Bette Lehmberg $50.00 3/6/2020
T Strong $11.00 3/6/2020
Edward Burleson $250.00 3/6/2020 Theresa is a rock star!
Mike Alexander $52.50 3/6/2020
Catherine Barchfeld $110.00 3/6/2020 I hope this makes your goal! Good Luck at the race!
Anonymous Donor $105.00 3/6/2020
nicole Barrett $25.00 3/6/2020
Greg Tomlinson $50.00 3/6/2020
Anonymous Donor $25.00 3/6/2020 Well done T-Girl... :-)
Anonymous Donor $42.00 3/6/2020
Anonymous Donor $75.00 3/5/2020
Jonina Dickey $110.00 3/5/2020
Kelly Sargeant $100.00 3/5/2020
RACHEL PEACOCK $27.50 3/5/2020
Sherry Grogan $110.00 3/5/2020 Roses are red, violets are blue, thank you for all the good work you do.
Thomas Strong $50.00 3/5/2020
Allie Scott $50.00 3/5/2020
Anonymous Donor $55.00 3/5/2020
Anonymous Donor $750.00 3/5/2020
Cathy Moore $50.00 3/5/2020
Rochelle Mannigel $25.00 3/5/2020
JoAnn Cooper $25.00 3/5/2020
Nancy Oka $500.00 3/5/2020
Cherita Andrews $25.00 3/5/2020
Anonymous Donor $50.00* 3/5/2020
Jill Butler $26.25 3/3/2020
Courtney jones $25.00 3/3/2020 You go girl!
Moya Varner $20.00* 3/3/2020
Paige Myrick $20.00* 3/3/2020
Bridget McLaurin $20.00* 3/3/2020
Trudy King $20.00* 3/3/2020
Becky Spaulding $10.00* 3/3/2020
Suzy Seeley $10.00* 3/3/2020
Anonymous Donor $1,000.00* 2/26/2020
Dorena Moore $126.50 2/12/2020 May the wind be at your back and your feet light and quick on the road! Run well, my friend!
Theresa Strong $50.00 2/6/2020 Putting my money where my feet go :). Join me as a runner, a R2R fund raiser or as a donor.
* offline donation