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Discover Fitness Foundation

Discover Fitness Foundation (DFF) awards athletic scholarships to children fighting obesity, children with special needs, and children with financial need wishing to participate in recreational and competitive level gymnastics. The DFF mission will be accomplished by generating and providing the funding, and acting as a liaison organization, linking scholarship candidates with a gymnastics facility near their home.

Run Houston! University of Houston 10K, 5K, 1K
 4800 Calhoun Road Houston, TX 77004
September 24 - October 17, 2017

My Reason2Race is Discover Fitness Foundation. 

Due to Hurricane Harvey, I am training for the Run Houston! U of H 10K. All our local nonprofits need our support in this stressful time. I am dedicating my race to making a difference for youth fighting obesity, fitness for specials needs children and scholorships for telented gymnest with financial need. Please consider donating by clicking the sponsor me button below. Many children have lost homes and belongings, we do not want them to lose hope of competing and having fun! Children need routine and familiarity after traumatic events, which you can provide, allowing the parents to focus on rebuilding what they lost. 

According to Obesity Action Coalition, "Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. It affects more than 30 percent of children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood. This number has more than tripled since 1980." One third of all adults are obese, contributing to the high cost of healthcare and productivity loss in the billions!

I chose Discover Fitness Foundation due to their dedication to reversing the childhood obesity trend. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for children with special needs, children fighting obesity, and talented athletes by inspiring them to participate in recreational and competitive level of gymnastics. With goals to increase fitness levels in children and providing scholarships to remove financial barriers, this was an easy decision in starting a fundraising campaign. Talk about a REASON2RACE! 

Join me in supporting the children of Discover Fitness Foundation. You can learn more here. 

Please click the Sponsor Me button below and give $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can! Let's support the children Discover Fitness Foundation touches.



Donations2Date: $625

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bridgeway Run Houston $300.00* 10/17/2017 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Bridgeway Run Houston! For A Cause.
Anonymous Donor $25.00 9/23/2017 Go Sheila
Kerrie Ross $25.00 9/22/2017
Dr. Marvin Houston Surgical Specialist $100.00 9/22/2017 We are proud to support Sheila in her efforts to raise awareness of childhood obesity and the importance of teaching children about fitness and nutrition in donating to the Discover Fitness Foundation. From Dr. Marvin and the staff at Houston Surgical Specialist - Have a great run on Sunday!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 9/5/2017 Go Sheila Go!!!
Susan Sharp-Jozwiak $100.00 9/2/2017 Go Sheila!!!
James Crenshaw $25.00 8/18/2017 Good cause ??
Sheila Crenshaw $25.00 7/14/2017
* offline donation