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Katy ISD Education Foundation

Our mission is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for students enrolled in Katy ISD.

Katy Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Katy, TX
February 2, 2019

The money that is raised goes straight back to the kids. Anything that has to do with helping inspire our future learners, I am all about. This money is used to buy new resources to use in the classrooms and to enhance the learning opportunities that occur each and every day. Teachers every day all around Katy ISD wish that they had better, newer, and more resources to use to support classroom learning. This money raised is used just for that. 

Donations2Date: $3,042

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bayou City Half Marathon $800.00* 2/3/2019 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Run Houston! For A Cause.
Patricia Joiner $10.00 2/1/2019
Vicki Paetzold $100.00 1/30/2019
Norma Santos $10.00 1/28/2019 Good luck from Gregory!
Rhett Middlebrook $10.00 1/28/2019
Blake Paetzold $100.00 1/27/2019
Lori Keefner $10.00 1/25/2019
Kendal Jackson $31.50 1/25/2019 Thank you for running - thank you for helping teachers bring awesome opportunities to our brains. -Kendal 3rd grade Wolman Elem
Donnie ORand $20.00 1/21/2019 You got this Sabra! Very proud of you!
Tara McMeans $50.00 1/18/2019 You’re awesome!!!
Shannon Konesheck $30.00 1/18/2019 GO SABRA!!!!
Clint Pressler $500.00 1/17/2019 Good Luck Girl!! YOU CAN DOOOOOOOOO IT!
Michelle Buesing $20.00 1/17/2019 Good luck from Colby Jaquay
Mark Paetzold $515.00 1/17/2019 Good Luck.. Caprock Spraying ??‘S You ??????
Crystal Gorley $10.00 1/15/2019
Stephanie Cook $25.00 1/15/2019
James Mohyde $10.00 1/15/2019
Rachel Goins $10.00 1/15/2019
Laurent Johnson $20.00 1/15/2019
Rian Jobe $50.00 1/14/2019 Good Luck!!
KeLee Hoffman $50.00 1/13/2019 Good luck!!!!
Erin Charest $20.00 1/12/2019 Love you!!!!
Rachel Johnson $10.00 1/12/2019 I think this is great! Sabra, we will be cheering you on! Kayse Johnson
Lianne Jones $10.00 1/11/2019
Jennifer Bradley $20.00 1/11/2019
Kathie Kerr $100.00 1/1/2019 We’re so Proud of you?? Love you, Poppy & GiGi
Suzy Paetzold $500.00 12/21/2018 So Proud of All you do Sabra... Make us Proud and Good Luck..?? Love You Mom and Dad
* offline donation