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Cherish Our Children Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Team COCI. Team COCI is an easy way for you to get involved and make a difference for the children we serve. Pick one of our events below and click the JOIN TEAM button to set up a fundraising campaign to spread awareness and raise funds for our programs. Walkers are welcome.

It’s not just about you raising funds we want you to let the kids support you to your finish line. When you create your campaign story include a personal goal with your community along with why you are making a difference with COCI. You might be out to win your age group, set a PR, or it might be just crossing the finish line. When you share your goals your community holds you accountable.

It’s fun! If your event is not listed below let us know and we will add it.

You don’t have to run, bike, or tri. Just let us know what you want to do and we will provide you with a page. Be as creative as you can be. Bowling, Lemonade Stand, Golfing, Wedding Registry, are just a few ideas.

Thanks for supporting COCI in making a difference.         

The Woodlands Marathon, Half, 5K and 2K
 The Woodlands, TX
February 28 - March 1, 2014

I'm putting my new titanium hip to the test in The Woodlands 5k on Saturday, March 1. 

Please watch the video and then help me raise money for the world's most vulnerable children right here in Houston, with the No More Victims program, and through programs in Africa, the Middle East and eastern Europe.

Your contribution will directly impact the lives of the world's most vulnerable children.  If you have any questions about COCI or my involvement, please let me know, Rob

Donations2Date: $4,150

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Donald Najvar $100.00 3/11/2014
The Woodlands, Marathon Management $500.00* 3/1/2014
Peter Nemeth $250.00 2/28/2014 Proud to be friends with someone who cares enough to volunteer his time and energy to help others. You rock, Rob!!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 2/28/2014 We're cheering for you in The Woodlands
Jennifer Hile $10.00 2/28/2014
Stephen Barcik $50.00 2/28/2014 Rob, Thank you for all you do for the world. Steve
Barbette Stone $20.00* 2/28/2014
Anonymous Donor $20.00 2/27/2014 Go Rob, Katherine
Leesa Lee $100.00 2/27/2014 Yeahhhhhhh, Go Rob......Love you!!!! You are amazing!!
Janice , Stooksberry $100.00 2/27/2014 Good Luck, Rob!
Craig Wooten $25.00 2/27/2014
Anonymous Donor $20.00 2/27/2014
Anonymous Donor $45.00 2/27/2014 Go Rob!!! Ron & Red's Barber Shop
Jolie Lenz $100.00 2/27/2014 Good Luck!
Frank Ballantine $55.00* 2/27/2014
John Moss $20.00 2/26/2014 Thanks for your efforts.
Thomas Ivey $20.00 2/26/2014 Have fun! Tom
Valerie , Gibbs $50.00 2/25/2014 Go Rob Go! Val Gibbs
Ed Selke $100.00 2/25/2014
Jesse Perez $100.00 2/25/2014 Good Luck
Kristen Anderson $250.00 2/24/2014
Judy Budnik $50.00 2/24/2014 Great cause! Good luck!
Anonymous Donor $20.00 2/24/2014
Arlene , Levy $50.00 2/23/2014 Thank You for Choosing COCI's Kids! Go Rob Go!
Louis Woodhill $100.00 2/22/2014
Katherine Manninen $100.00 2/20/2014 Love you Rob!!
M H, Cersonsky $100.00 2/20/2014 Thank you for sharing and good luck.
Juli hall $50.00 2/20/2014 You are complete inspiration! Welcome to TEAM COCI!!!
Jamie Ballard $40.00 2/18/2014 Walk away. Careful on the other hip
Robert , Mrlik $500.00 2/18/2014 From your friends at Central Bank.
Gary Karter $250.00 2/18/2014 Best Wishes Rob!
Chuck Duff $75.00 2/18/2014
Frank Yonish $50.00 2/18/2014 Best of Luck
William Walterman $50.00 2/18/2014 Good work Rob
Kay Konvicka $20.00 2/18/2014 What a great cause!
Sandra Scott $20.00 2/18/2014 Great Cause
Anonymous Donor $20.00 2/18/2014 Congratulations!!! Enid
Anonymous Donor $20.00 2/18/2014 From a TGB friend
Adrienne Barker $50.00 2/17/2014 Good luck with the walk!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 2/17/2014 Love, Mom and Dad
John Clarke $100.00 2/17/2014
Kim , Wisner $100.00 2/17/2014 You are amazing Rob!! I will be by your side in spirit!
Jan Winn $100.00 2/17/2014 go for the gold.
scott and inna, wizig $100.00 2/16/2014
Anonymous Donor $100.00 2/16/2014 Go Rob, Support those children!!!
* offline donation