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Cherish Our Children International

For 25 years, as Cherish Our Children International, COCI worked with vulnerable children around the globe.   Now we are charting a new course, one that will focus nearly all of our efforts on solving a problem that is close to home – the trauma that having a parent in prison inflicts on children in America.  Our No More Victims program works with children of incarcerated parents in Houston. We think it is one of the most effective programs at serving this incredibly vulnerable population of children. 

To ensure the growth of this remarkable program, we are now focusing almost all of our funds on expanding No More Victims to help more children in Houston, Texas and America.  The teenagers in No More Victims often live on the very razor's edge of survival and we focus on programs that help tip the balance in their favor. Our program provides them with the skills they need to succeed in school and go on to live successful, productive lives.

Cypress Half Marathon, 5K, 1K
 Cypress, Texas
November 12, 2017

At it once again, going to take my titanium hip out for a spin and see if I can scoot around a 5k and not embarrass myself too much. 

Team COCI will be out in force, raising money to support our programs, including our No More Victims program here in Houston for High School students with parents in prison. We ensure that kids get educated, NOT incarcerated.

Check out Dominique Sachse's video from Channel 2 News about just one of our many success stories to see the difference your contribution will help us make.

Please help us support and nurture this vulnerable population with your generous donation. Thank you, Rob

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Bayou City Half Marathon $200.00* 11/16/2017 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Bayou City Giving Challenge.
Sjoerd Hoekstra $100.00 11/14/2017
Anonymous Donor $20.00 11/13/2017 Keep scootin' Rob!!!
Jeff Dunn $50.00 11/13/2017
Anonymous Donor $100.00* 11/10/2017 Go Rob!
Anonymous Donor $3,000.00* 11/10/2017 Congratulations!
Benny Pace $50.00 11/9/2017
Adrienne Barker $50.00 11/8/2017
Leo Bernstein $100.00 11/8/2017 Proud of how you support kids! Len B.
William Huttenbach $50.00 11/8/2017
Anonymous Donor $100.00 11/8/2017
Gary Karter $100.00 11/8/2017
Charles Duff $100.00 11/8/2017
Jim Emerson $500.00 11/7/2017
Robin Harrison $100.00 11/7/2017
Anonymous Donor $100.00 11/7/2017
John & Cecilia Illeman $100.00 11/7/2017
inna wizig $50.00 11/7/2017
Anonymous Donor $50.00 11/7/2017
Anonymous Donor $250.00 11/7/2017
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