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Lucky Dog Rescue

Lucky Dog ia a 501(c)3 tax exempt non profit animal welfare organization dedicated to providing rescue services, vet care, foster care and adoptive placement to stray and abandoned dogs. A great match for each pet and adoptive family is important to us.  Our goal is to find permanent, loving homes for the pets in our care via foster homes. Lucky Dog Rescue focuses our rescue efforts on dogs from the streets of Houston and from BARC (the City of Houston Animal Shelter). We are always in dire need of fosters! Fosters save lives!

Ironman Texas
May 19, 2012
 The Woodlands, TX
 On Saturday, May 19th, I will be competing in Ironman Texas.  The Ironman is one of the most difficult endurance events in the world, consisting of a 2.4 Mi Swim, 112 Mi Bike, and a 26.2 Mi Marathon for a total of 140.6 Miles!  I have an amazing organization supporting me in reaching my goal.  I have chosen Lucky Dog Rescue as my Reason2Race.

A couple years ago, my wife and I found a severely abused dog on the side of Beltway 8 feeder, just North of Sugar Land.  We brought her home, cared for her, and ended up adopting her.  She unfortunately passed away a couple months ago from Meningitis.  It was hard for us, especially my wife, as this was her best buddy throughout her year and a half fight with breast cancer.  Midget was a great dog, and we felt a special feeling, that we were able to save this poor dog, give her two great, happy years, and love her till the very end.

After a few weeks, we decided to add another dog to our family and for sure we were going to rescue another dog.  We found our new dog, Frankie, who as it turned out, had been saved from BARC within a day or two of being put down, by Lucky Dog Rescue.  As we went through the adoption process, we got to know the organization and the people involved, and we were really impressed with what they do, their love, commitment and dedication to these dogs.  

In these last couple of years living with an abused dog and experiencing first hand its behaviors and fears, we had been wanting to volunteer and help out such organizations.  And now, with what transpired, especially after meeting these people who work with abandoned and abused dogs, and getting more involved, etc...  we have seen and heard stories that makes you question humanity as a whole !!!

I know I could raise money for many other organizations, especially Cancer related ones (as my wife and father both have battled and beaten, in the last few years).  But my thought was, there are other people raising money for these other causes.  You really don’t see or hear many for abused animals.  And they really need help too.

Last year, I finished this race (my very first Ironman) in 13 hours and 23 minutes.  This year, I have an ambitious goal of bettering that time by at least an hour, and perhaps, if everything goes perfectly, to finish in less than 12 hours!  

With your support, I know I will get there!!!  I have chosen a Goal of $1406.00, or $10.00 per mile. Any amount you donate would be great.  $50, $100, or more is awesome, but $20, $10 or any other amount goes a long way as well.  On behalf of Lucky Dog Rescue, and all stray, abandoned and abused doggies in Houston, I personally thank you for your contribution.


PS.  If you would like to add “Event Finisher” to your list of accomplishments (for any race; i.e., Triathlon, Ironman, Running race, etc...), just ask us how you can join our Lucky Dog Rescue Team!


 Donating on this site is easy and totally secure, thank you!


Donations2Date: $1,330

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Genworth Foundation $100.00* 9/28/2012 Matching Richard Weller's donation
HRTC $50.00* 9/28/2012 HRTC Rocks !
Angelica Robles $50.00 5/21/2012 Great Work Ironman X3!!!
Martha Castell $50.00 5/9/2012 Swim, bike & run for Lucky!
Bonnie Leach $25.00 5/9/2012 Saw your post on CyTri FB. Thank you for helping rescue dogs and good luck on race day!
Alana Kennedy-Nasser $25.00 5/9/2012 Best wishes for a great day!
Jocelyn Johnson $100.00 5/9/2012
Richard Weller $100.00 5/9/2012 Best of luck in your race!
Craig Vars $100.00 5/9/2012 Great job Ric! I wish I was doing the same.
Elizabeth and John Neese $25.00 5/9/2012 Good luck!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 5/7/2012 I saw your post on fb, and am also racing IMTX. Great job with the fundraising and all the best on your race!
Denise Miller $25.00 4/20/2012
Miriam Brassfield $50.00 4/18/2012 Way to go Ricardo!
Ann Eschenfelder $50.00 4/17/2012 Go Ricardo!
Vicky Zipp $25.00 4/11/2012 Amazing job Ricardo!!
Bonny Stevenson $50.00 4/6/2012 Go Ricardo!!! For all the little Frankies, Cassies and Tallys out there !
Kathryn Matthews $50.00 4/5/2012 Thank you for supporting the little creatures that depend on us humans. Oh, and I know you'll rock IMTX!
Marc Rieder $50.00 2/23/2012 Great Charity. Good Luck!!
Ann Negrini $30.00 2/17/2012 Way to go, Ricardo!!!
Anonymous Donor $30.00 2/15/2012 GOOD LUCK!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 2/7/2012 Awesome stuff.
Stanley Locke $25.00 2/7/2012
Richard Barnes $25.00 2/7/2012 Good luck!
Chris Castleberry $50.00 2/7/2012 Good luck!
Susan Matson $25.00 1/13/2012
Jennifer Carmichael $50.00* 1/13/2012
Elizabeth Weller $25.00 1/12/2012 Good Luck!!!
Kristen Johnsen $20.00 1/12/2012
Georgi Rosal $50.00 1/10/2012 Ricardo I met you and your wife at a Lucky Dog Meet and greet at Whole Foods a few weeks ago. Im thrilled about your choice of Reason 2Race. You are so right in thinking organizations such as Lucky Dog get over looked at times. Yes you can do it!
Laura Finkeldey $25.00 1/10/2012 Focus on your goal Ricardo! You can do it!
* offline donation