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Reggie's Friends

The mission of Reggie’s Friends is quite simple. Help dogs. Help people. Help people help dogs.

Reggie’s Friends was founded out of our love for helping dogs. Living in a city of 1.2 million homeless animals, there was rarely a day when we didn’t see a dog in need of help. Instead of just wanting to do something, we figured out how to do something!  Reggie’s Friends is dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs in and around the greater Houston, TX area. We focus our attention on helping shelter dogs, street dogs, and dogs who have been abandoned in boarding facilities find loving, forever families.

We live and love by our motto #StreetLifeToSweetLife! 

Ironman Cozumel
 Cozumel Mexico
November 27, 2016

Our journey into the rescue world began with one dumped dog named Midget, on the side of the beltway, late one night.  She opened our eyes to the sad reality of the stray and abandoned dog situation here in Houston.  And so, our rescue and fostering life began.   We have gladly fostered for a few different rescue groups, all with the same goal, to get stray, abandoned, neglected dogs off the streets, out of shelters or out of bad situations and into good family homes.   We have fostered dozens of dogs over the years and although it is hard to let them go, it is also so rewarding to know you were an important part of their lives and to see them happily go off to their new forever home.   Although we have a few foster failures of our own, the rescue community cannot survive without fosters that generously open their homes to a dog and provide a wonderful environment for them to grow and learn and get healthy.    

Our journey with Reggie's Friends began with one picture posted on FB and falling in love with one little hairless boy that we felt we needed to show love and support to.   Nelson was a funny, shy, handsome puppy boy that somehow ended up in the shelter alone, hairless, eyes crusted shut.  But it was his lucky day when the wonderful director of Reggie's Friends fell in love with him and gave him hope and a chance at a good life.  Nelson is now with a perfect family and is a healthy, happy boy.   THIS is why we do what we do.   THIS is why they do what they do.  To save those that need the most love, medical attention, training, or just plain understanding that all humans are not bad.   To see a dog transform before your eyes is one of the most rewarding experiences ever.   Thank you for those that rescue, foster, and save lives every day.   And thank you Reggie's Friends for allowing us to be part of your journey.   

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Paige Pash $16.50 11/22/2016 Good Luck, Ric! Love your choice of charity! Hope all is well.
Douglas Scott $25.00 11/20/2016
Kathleen Neddo $25.00 11/7/2016 Ricardo Augie and Theo thanks you
Susan Contreras $25.00 10/27/2016
Deborah Vierkant $50.00 10/26/2016
Anonymous Donor $500.00 9/21/2016 Keep it up Ricardo-no recognition needed
SJ Rosswurm $25.00 9/20/2016 Hi Ricardo - A little more to help. Best of luck. Joe
Allen Kalkomey $25.00 9/19/2016 Good luck, Ric!!!
David Kendall $20.00 9/19/2016 Good luck Ricardo!
DALBERTO D'AMICO $52.50 9/19/2016
Amy Devlin $25.00 9/18/2016
S.J. Rosswurm $20.00 6/15/2016 Best Of luck!
Anonymous Donor $20.00 6/9/2016 Exito!
Pamela Pugh $25.00 6/3/2016 Good luck!
Debra Thompson $50.00 6/3/2016 Good luck with the race and your cause, Ricardo! So thankful that Nelson found you.
Anonymous Donor $100.00 6/3/2016 Ricardo, It was nice hearing from you, call me at your convenience 847-688-1100 ext. 5820 Thanks
Patrick Carroll $100.00 6/3/2016 Kick some ass Rico! Have fun at Ironman and keep helping out the doggies.
Edward Schukar $20.00 6/3/2016 Good luck on the fundraising and the triathlon!
George R. Rivera $25.00 6/2/2016
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