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Lucky Dog Rescue

Lucky Dog ia a 501(c)3 tax exempt non profit animal welfare organization dedicated to providing rescue services, vet care, foster care and adoptive placement to stray and abandoned dogs. A great match for each pet and adoptive family is important to us.  Our goal is to find permanent, loving homes for the pets in our care via foster homes. Lucky Dog Rescue focuses our rescue efforts on dogs from the streets of Houston and from BARC (the City of Houston Animal Shelter). We are always in dire need of fosters! Fosters save lives!

Ironman Cozumel
December 1, 2013

 On Sunday, December 1st, I will be competing in Ironman Cozumel.  The Ironman is one of the most difficult endurance events in the world, consisting of a 2.4 Mi Swim, 112 Mi Bike, and a 26.2 Mi Marathon for a total of 140.6 Miles! 

I competed in this race last year, which turned out to be one of the toughest Ironman in history, with over 1,000 athletes not making it to the finish line, a quarter of those who started didnt even make it out of the water !!!  Unfortunately, I was among the over 1,000 athletes who didn't finish.  At mile 90 on the bike, I crashed and broke my clavicle.

After such experience, some people may decide to never do an Ironman again, let alone that same race.  Not me.  Not only will I do it again, but I will do it for a cause.  I will race for something even greater than the thrill of finishing an Ironman.  I will race for neglected, abandoned and abused dogs !!!

Houston has an estimated 1.2 Million strays.  They are starving, homeless, many are abused and hurt.  I have made it my mission to help them.  Little by little, one at a time, we all can make a difference !!!

I have an amazing organization supporting me in reaching my goal.  I have chosen Lucky Dog Rescue as my Reason2Race.

We have adopted two dogs from Lucky Dog in the past year, and we are currently fostering 3 of their dogs.  We also volunteer with them whenever we can.  This is a great organization that does incredible things for dogs in need in Houston.  But they can only do so with our help !!!

In 2011 I completed my very first Ironman in 13hrs 23min (still my best).  For this difficult race in Cozumel, I have an ambitious goal of bettering that time by at least a full hour, and perhaps, if everything goes perfectly, to finish in less than 12 hours!  

With your support, I know I will get there !!!

I have chosen a Goal of $1,406.00 or $10.00 per Mile.

Any amount you donate would be great.  $50, $100 is awesome...               but $20, $10, $5 or any other amount also goes a long way as well.

Please do not be discouraged to donate small amounts.  Remember, every step, no matter how small, takes you closer to your destination !!!

On behalf of Lucky Dog Rescue, and all stray, abandoned and abused doggies in Houston, I personally Thank You for your Contribution !!!


PS.  If you would like to add “Event Finisher” to your list of accomplishments (for any race; i.e., Triathlon, Ironman, 5k or any other Running races, etc...), just ask us how you can join our Lucky Dog Team!

Donations2Date: $550

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Karen Marinos $100.00 9/11/2013 Go kill it Ricardo! You are going to do great buddy.
Anonymous Donor $50.00 7/2/2013
Patrick Carroll $69.00 7/1/2013 Ricardo, Kick some ass and good luck in Cozumel buddy!! And thank you for caring about our fuzzy little friends. All they want is a family to love and they give so much back. Pat.
jana landry $146.00 7/1/2013 Thanks for saving the helpless furry friends and good luck at IM!! Jana
Donna Ahrendt $50.00 7/1/2013
RAJIV VORA $25.00 6/20/2013 Hi Ricardo Pl accept small step from my side. wish you all the Best. Rajiv Vora APAR INDUSTRIES LTD
Wendy D'Attilio $60.00* 4/6/2013 Thank you so much adopting Rusty. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect home for him !!!
Heidi Brewer $50.00 1/15/2013
* offline donation