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The Gay 10K
 Houston, TX
April 6, 2019

I am running the GAY 5K to raise the last $5000 needed to continue offering, in two squatter communities in the Philippines, 3 accredited pre-schools and 1 accredited kindergarten run by the Houston non-profit, Together in Hope.  Together in Hope works with children in the Philippines living in squatter communities that are some of the poorest communities in the world.  Children in these communities do not have access to pre-school and kindergarten apart from the programs offered by Together in Hope. Together in Hope hires local teachers for these pre-schools and the kindergarten which creates employment and income for community members.  Together in Hope also offers livelihood training for adults in these communities which enables them to create products that they can sell in the markets to generate income that  helps them to sustain their families.   Together in Hope also provides nutritional support for these children so that their brains can develop and so that they have the energy to learn.  Every dollar makes a difference and every life you touch is a life saved.  PLEASE help me raise the final $5,000 needed for the annual  budget for this program so that this vital work for these precious children and their families can continue. 

Why the GAY 5k?  Because there are LGBTQAI+ children living in all of these communities who need to know that they are loved and celebrated by God like everyone else.  Given the recent stance of the UMC, a denomination which is prevalent in the Philippines, it becomes even more important that those of us working in the Philippines bring the messaage of God's fully inclusive love for ALL of God's children.  Help us make a difference in these children's lives and in the lives of their families.  All funds received from my run will go to support this work. 

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The Gay 10K $400.00* 4/30/2019 Congratulations and thank you for participating in The Gay 10K Charity Challenge.
Page Martinez $22.00 4/5/2019 You are an amazing person! You’re always thinking about helping others. Love you!
David K Johnson $110.00 4/2/2019
Michael Edgett $110.00 3/28/2019 Good Luck Diane!
Claire Lapointe $55.00 3/27/2019 I will be running with you in spirit!!
William D Hanks $110.00 3/27/2019
* offline donation