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2018 Air New Zealand Queenstown International Marathon
 New Zealand
November 17, 2018

I am running to help create safe spaces for and to end discrimination against LGBTQ youth, young adults, individuals and families.  Much of the ongoing discrimination against the LGBTQ community has religious roots.  Families and individuals have been told that being LGBTQ and living out that identity is "incompatible" with the plan of God for their lives.  THAT IS A FALSE NARRATIVE and it is causing great harm.  LGBTQ youth die by suicide at 5 times the rate of their straight contemporaries. Transgender youth with no parental support die by suicide at a rate of 58%. And 40% of unhoused Americans are LGBTQ teenagers whose parents have cited faith-based reasons for turning them away after coming out.   As a pastor of a reconciling congregation in Houston, TX, I am working hard to spread a different message.  That message is "LGBTQ God Loves U 2!   Your sexual orientation and gender identity, whatever it is, is God's precious gift to you, to be celebrated, not condemned or fixed." 

Funds raised from this race will be used to start a ministry called  "Cafe Queer," which is reaching out to Latinx and other LGBTQ youth and young adults and their families to help them claim their identities and/or the identities of their children as gift and remove the religious stigma. Even if you are not a Christian or a religious person, changing the religious message coming from churches and other faith communities is essential in changing the false narrative that hangs over political, social and religious decisions still being made about the LGBTQ community in the United States and around the world.  LBTQ youth and young adults of all religious or non-religious backgrounds and all ethnic backgrounds will be welcomed and supported.  Focus is on the Latinx community because it is the growing demographic in the Houston, TX area and these youth and young adults are particularly at risk. But all will be welcome.  We need $100,000 to hire two Latinx, bilingual community workers who are already deeply connected with this community.

I need your help. Cassandar and Cesar Nunez are already at work, but they, like all of us, need an income.  Help us start this ministry.  I am counting on your support.



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William D Hanks $265.00 11/15/2018 Go Diane!!
Paula Arnold $200.00 11/15/2018
Page Martinez $11.00 11/15/2018 You are a POWERHOUSE! Love you Diane!
Kenneth Malone $150.00 11/15/2018 Good luck!
Paige Martin $55.00 11/14/2018 Good luck Diane! I hope you have a great time and enjoy the view! Love you, Paige
David Johnson $260.00 11/14/2018
Marsha Holleman $50.00 11/12/2018
David K Johnson $515.00 11/9/2018
James Carter $100.00 11/7/2018 Good luck!
Wendelyn Turley $52.50 11/6/2018 May you be fleet of foot and “kiwi” yourself across the finish line successfully!
John Reynolds $105.00 10/11/2018
Jennifer Rossi $50.00 10/11/2018
Rachel Glazer $40.00 10/10/2018
Bruce Kelton $105.00 10/10/2018
Claire Lapointe $50.00 10/10/2018 I will be with u running in Spirit????????
John Schlaff $100.00 6/1/2018 Good luck Diane
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