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Katy ISD Education Foundation

Our mission is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for students enrolled in Katy ISD.

Katy Half Marathon 5K 1K
 Katy, TX
February 11, 2017

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World."  NELSON MANDELA

As a Champion of Education, I want to support the GREAT work KATY ISD Foundation and its teachers are doing in providing World Class Education to 77,000 plus children in the KATY ISD. EDUCATION is the biggest gift we can give to our children. I have taken this Monumental task of raising $100,000 of which $75,000 will be used to support STEM Research Projects. The remaining $25,000 will be utilized in a Health Initiative.

I am confident that with the SUPPORT, ENTHUSIASM, LOVE and BLESSINGS from all of you, I will accomplish MY GOAL !!!

Thank you ALL for supporting this NOBLE CAUSE !!!


Donations2Date: $12,993

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bayou City Half Marathon $500.00* 2/14/2017 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Bayou City Giving Challenge.
Marc Boom $100.00 1/27/2017
Manny Higuera $100.00 1/18/2017 Many blessing to your support
Marjorie & George Finlayson $100.00 1/11/2017 . Many Blessings. We are rooting for you
Maricela Perez $50.00 1/8/2017
Bob McAuliffe $100.00 12/31/2016 Thanks for being on the team!
Kenneth Janda $100.00 12/29/2016
Asia Lo $210.00 12/17/2016 Randeep, wishing you success in this great goal. Thank you!
Sonya Mehta $200.00 12/9/2016 May you achieve your goal!! Many successes your way. A small token of our appreciation for all that you have done for us. Regards Avinash Sabharwal ( Sonya's dad)
Armando Jarquín $50.00 12/5/2016 Randeep. Thanks For all what you do for our comunity !!!
Bala P $1,000.00 12/4/2016
nicole renfro $25.00 12/4/2016 Thanks for all you do!
Sameer Chopra $100.00 12/3/2016 Got get it! Good luck with your raise
George A Romano $120.00 12/3/2016 Glad to help Dr. Suneja George A. Romano
Evelyn & John Viola $25.00 12/2/2016 Thank you for treating us so well. Run for the fun of it. Love & Blessings
Anonymous Donor $1,000.00 11/26/2016 Randeep, thank you for being such a wonderful friend. We are honored to support you with this project! Bob and Ann
Douglas Harrington $500.00 11/20/2016
Judith Schmid $100.00 11/17/2016 Mike and I wish you the best in your endeavor! Good luck on your run! We have your back!
Dev Lamba $500.00 11/17/2016
Gail (Bobbi) Horne $100.00 11/16/2016 Randeep ~thank you for all you do for our community!
Pershant Mehta $1,000.00 11/15/2016 Proud of all that you do to help others!
Sarah Nethery $100.00 10/29/2016
Peggy Mosher $20.00 9/13/2016 So proud of you!
Terry Smith $210.00 9/12/2016 My best to you Dr. Suneja!
Rajni Jain $250.00 9/6/2016 God Bless!
Sid Mukerji $110.00 8/31/2016
Sunil Reddy $110.00 8/30/2016
Meenu Sharma $150.00 8/29/2016
Jugal Malani $1,000.00 8/28/2016 Wish you all the best.
Phil Huffman $100.00 8/4/2016
Casey Kappenman $100.00 8/4/2016 I'm happy to contribute to such a worthy cause.
Anonymous Donor $30.00 8/3/2016 Keep going! All the best!
Kathleen Biederman $30.00 8/1/2016 Have a good run, Dr. Suneja!! This is a great cause and Thank YOU for inspiring me and others to learn about the amazing heart.
Terry Marshall $200.00 7/28/2016 Good Luck with the Race!! Terry & Linda Marshall
Reggie Smith $50.00 7/20/2016 Thank you this a great cause. My kids are in KISD and I used to be a teacher. Happy to give.
Urtaj Singh $300.00 7/18/2016 Awesome Cause! Keep it up!
Gregory Jones $50.00 7/15/2016
Michael Korous $100.00 7/13/2016 Thank you for all that you do for the community
Srijit Puthen $51.00 7/11/2016 Great Initiative Doc!! Wishing you best.
Rajendr Sharma $51.00 7/8/2016 God Bless You
Anonymous Donor $100.00 7/7/2016
Mark Boles $25.00 7/7/2016 Good Job! Have Fun!
Janet Theis $100.00 7/7/2016 Thank you Dr. Suneja! We're grateful for your support.
Pat Devany $25.00 7/5/2016 Go Dr Suneja!!
S patel $251.00 6/30/2016 good luck
Annu Rao-Naik $1,000.00 6/22/2016 Dr. Suneja, super impressed. All the best
RANDEEP AND SEEMA SUNEJA $2,500.00 6/20/2016
* offline donation