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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Our vision is to create a palpable atmosphere of communion and acceptance where farm animals, visitors, volunteers, and like minds from across the United States and the world will be drawn to experience our transition from a Texas beef cattle ranch to a vegan farm animal sanctuary. Once here, our purpose will broaden to open all hearts, minds and souls to a vegan lifestyle, the horrors of factory farming, Veganic gardening, and the devastating impact of animal agriculture on the environment. Our hope is to produce many more animal sanctuaries transitioning from Texas beef cattle ranches to vegan farm animal sanctuaries. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. opens its arms to all farm animals bound for slaughter houses across the country.

Oktoberfest Triathlon
 Fulshear, TX
October 9, 2016

So it's my rookie year as a triathlete, and I've managed to get 4 races (including this Oktoberfest tri), a half marathon, and a 5k under my belt. Some would call me crazy for breaking into the sport at 34 years old, and they wouldn't be wrong, but I've always been the type that's searching for the next challenge, the next test, the next adventure; I guess I've got a restless soul that way. So when this challenge came along, I was motivated by theopportunity to up the stakes and race for a cause. 

The Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is a 96 acre former beef cattle ranch turned 501c3 vegan farm sanctuary tucked away off of highway 35 in Angleton, TX, just southwest of Houston. Its home to over 80 farm animals of all varieties and its mission is to share a message of compassion with others by being compassionate to those who don't have a voice. Renee and Tommy accommodate countless visitors and volunteers at the farm to help others experience the same journey they have lived and the fulfillment that's come from living with and learning from the animals on the farm.

It's because my family and I share the passion for the work that the owners and staff of the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary do on a daily basis that I'm excited to represent them at the I-Tri Events Oktoberfest Triathlon in Cross Creek Ranch on October 9th. Every mile I swim, bike, and run and every donation made will go to support the farm sanctuary. So please donate, and wish me luck come race time, I'll be the one with "Plant-Based Powerhouse" written on him!

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Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Ian Nicolson $20.00 10/7/2016 Way to go Michael!
Bandana Chawla $50.00 10/7/2016 Good Luck! You are doing it for a great cause!
Jeanne Westphal $25.00 10/4/2016 Good Luck! Finish Plant Strong!
Lisa PIEHLER $50.00 10/4/2016
Katherine Robertson $36.30 10/4/2016
Natasha Cabarubio $22.00 9/30/2016
Michael Piehler $55.00 9/29/2016 I'm in, are you?
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