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Under Our Wings c/o Greater Houston Comm. Fndn

The Under Our Wings team believes every child deserves a chance to succeed, find their passion, and be an asset to society. Our program aids and encourage youth towards a path of lifelong learning, social responsibility, family values, and environmental stewardship.

Under Our Wings partners with 400 Voices and WRLD CHNGR to help fight hunger and build a water well in Africa. 

Adopt a Home
September 13 - December 31, 2017

This is Patricia. Her family's home was severely flooded. Through the Provide4Others initiative, the Under Our Wings team is helping Patricia pull the sheetrock out of her home and walking her through the process of getting back on her feet. Please help Patricia and her family get the materials, tools, and plumbing she needs for sealing up her home and making it livable again.

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