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LueWish grants wishes to women who are experiencing cancer or any life altering issues. We inspire women to live, love and love in spite of. We understand that the power of one wish can change a life and empower women to emerge like a beautiful butterfly.

Run Houston! Clear Lake 10K, 5K, 1K
 Clear Lake, TX
May 31, 2020

I'm running this race in honor of my mom's best friend who died of cancer in 2018 and to raise money for LueWish, a nonprofit organziation in which my mom serves as President of the Board. 

Donations2Date: $2,190

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Run Houston Race Series $300.00* 6/6/2020 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Run Houston! For A Cause program.
Anonymous Donor $45.00 6/2/2020
Jennifer St Martin $20.00 6/1/2020
Kris Mason $55.00 5/29/2020
Anonymous Donor $20.00 5/28/2020 Good Job Paige!! Love Uncle Jeremy
Anonymous Donor $120.00 5/28/2020 I'm so proud of you Paige. Love you!! Cousin Robert
Lauren Hall $25.00 5/21/2020
Yessica Gonzalez $105.00 5/19/2020
Anonymous Donor $25.00 5/18/2020 Great job Paige. Uncle Josh, Shyla, and Emmitt love you!!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 5/18/2020 I'm so proud of you Paige. Love Ms. Susan!!
Anonymous Donor $300.00 5/14/2020 We are so proud of you Paige. We Love you!! MawMaw Lou and PawPaw Shorty
Peggy Richards $100.00 5/7/2020 I'm so proud of my baby girl. Love you, Nana!
Kelly Reed $25.00 5/7/2020
Tessa Lilly $35.00 5/6/2020 Go Paige
Tambra Lilly $20.00 5/6/2020
Andrew Richards $100.00 5/6/2020
Chauntel Ardoin $40.00 5/6/2020 We are proud of you Paige!!!
DD Green $20.00 5/5/2020
Anonymous Donor $25.00 5/5/2020
AUGUSTIN Romero $100.00 5/5/2020 Good job Paige, Ron and Sherry
Jason Romero $42.00 5/4/2020
Patricia G. Young $50.00 5/4/2020 Proud of you Paige! You are so caring!
Jeremi Romero $31.50 5/4/2020 Love you Paige!! ??
Ursurla Williams $30.00 5/4/2020 From Allison Williams
Angela Lilly $50.00 5/3/2020 Congratulations Paige!!!
Andrea Richards $50.00 5/3/2020 We are so proud of you Paige! Keep up the great work!
Michael Reams $26.25 5/3/2020 You rock Paige!!!
Angie Moore $27.50 5/3/2020
Sam and Eric Goodwin $25.00 5/3/2020 We are so proud of you!!
Jessica Calhoun $55.00 5/3/2020
Sheila Stoll $100.00 5/3/2020 Good job Paige!! We love you ??
Lawrence Landry $100.00 5/3/2020 Congrats Paige! Love you!
Shantel Small $20.00 5/3/2020
Kellee Landry $52.50 5/3/2020 Dad and I are so proud of you!!
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