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As One Foundation

The As One Foundation is the leading national organization providing Sickle Cell Trait education, awareness and advocacy.

The Darling Dash 5k is a memorial race to create awareness about Sickle Cell Trait as it marks the annual anniversary of Devaughn Darling death due to sickle cell trait exertion on February 26, 2001. Darling Dash proceeds fund the sickle cell trait awarness activies of the As One Foundation.

People get the "warm-and-fuzzies" when they learn that the As One Foundation got it's name from the fact that our founder's parents and doctors were not expecting twins when Devard and Devaughn Darling were born in Nassau, Bahamas. They were majorly surprised when two boys instead of one showed up as they had been hearing two hearts beating AS ONE. 

We hope you'll support this worthy cause by making the As One Foundation your Reason2Race.

Darling Dash Honey Bun Edition
 Anywhere you are!
March 31, 2021

I am excited to share with you about September, which is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. I have been working with them as a student volunteer where I get service learning hours in exchange for helping this small charity dedicated to sickle cell and sickle cell trait literacy and empowerment with things they need help with - virtually. I've grown to really believe in what they are doing. I am participating in the event to raise awareness and funds for As One Foundation. I love how they are making a difference in our community. I invite you to sponsor me/make a donation to support my fundraising efforts.

Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause. Your support will make such a difference for me and them!

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