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Fory Charitable Trust d/b/a Russian Orphan Care

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of Russian orphans in obedience to our faith.  James 1:27

Vision Statement

Improve the lives of orphans and at-risk children in Russia through:

  • Ministering to children who have been orphaned or are at risk of being orphaned.
  • Recognizing and responding to the Lord's special interest and love for orphans.
  • Equipping individuals to work with orphans through trips to Russia, volunteering, and giving opportunities.
  • Improving the quality of children’s lives by providing humanitarian aid and support for programs and building improvements.
  • Providing transitional housing and programs that help orphan graduates transition to independence.
  • Fostering programs that care for the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of orphans.
Cypress Half Marathon, 5K, 1K
 Anywhere you are
November 15, 2020

On November 15, I will be participating in the Cypress Half Marathon. I have chosen to run for Russian Orphan Care because God works through this organization to bless precious orphan children in Russia. I have traveled to Russia and have seen first hand the impact this wonderful organization makes for these forgotten children. There are immense physical, emotional and spiritual needs inside of many orphanages in Russia, but ROC does an amazing job of providing care in every one of these areas. ROC does everything from painting orphanages, to replacing beds and giving the children presents for Christmas. Every child is given an opportunity to hear the gospel through the workers that come in on a regular basis to invest in these children's lives as well.

Please contribute to our cause. Any amount that God lays on your heart is wonderful!

THANK YOU for your contribution, and thank you for a million times over for caring for Russian orphans!

Michelle (Michellerichey14@yahoo.com)

PS: If you want to add “EVENT FINISHER” to your list of accomplishments, just ask us how you can join our team too!

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Donations2Date: $260

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Dell & Sam Doyle $55.00 10/19/2020 We are praying for you, Michelle. We are so excited to be able to support you in this way. :) Blessings as you prepare and race!
Jennifer Salter $100.00 10/19/2020
Kellie Rogers $105.00 10/19/2020
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