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Our mission is to empower children and their families through health and wellness care and education so they can achieve self-reliance and a positive future.

We believe that health influences children's success and that good health is more effectively achieved through family and community involvement.

Cook to Share
June 1 - July 31, 2020

My friends probably know that Beverly and I love to create food events for sharing!  It is not often, if ever, that a food event occurs for the benefit of kids and their families who have experienced indescribable poverty, and that is what this fun effort is about, and I'm asking you to join us.  Shared Beat assists Safe Passage, a Yarmouth, Maine based non-profit to provide health care and health education to hundreds of Guatemalan kids and families in the Ciudad, and the Finca.  Student scholarships are granted to our promising  students wishing to enter the health profession and to give back to their neighborhoods.

So, I (Mark!) am entering this Fundraiser at the risk of showing up my much more proficient chef partner (Beverly) to try and win with an old family Maine Clam Chowder recipe which has graced the tables of countless Currys over countless years.  It is rather a spontanious bill of goods often discussed each Christmas by brothers attempting it (how much sage, dry or fresh?  Full or half rasher of bacon? Why canned clams, not fresh? ALL heavy cream..gulp!).  I give you my Mother's recipe from the 60's, much adjusted, in the hopes that you will support our efforts in Guatemala!  It is a Christmas Tradition in our family, perhaps you may find it could be the same! Would be wicked good in Summer with lobsters and corn on the cob.  It would be nice to win this, but rest assured, your donation is reward enough!  Our country can best help the beautiful Guatemalan people through expanded healthcare and opportunity.  I hope you can help us in raising some scholarship funds for Guatemalans who, at the end of the day, want to help themselves!  Thanks!

Please refer to:  to learn more about Shared Beat's work

Mark's Maine Clam Chowder


4  6.5  oz cans minced clams, reserve the liquid

2  onions chopped

3  medium potatoes, diced, skin on

6  slices lean, smoked bacon (1/4 lb) diced

1 1/2 pints heavy cream

1-2 qts milk

1  bottle clam juice

1/4 lb butter

2  TBS flour

Sage  large sprig (6-8 leaves chhopped) or a handful of dry rubbed (Sage oil-see instructions)

Salt and Pepper to taste


Dice potatoes and lightly boil until just semi-hard, not soft, set aside.  Dice bacon, lightly cook, drain on paper towel and set aside, leaving bacon fat in skillet.  Saute onion in bacon fat until just soft.  Add drained clams and cook over medium until just heated up. 

Make a rioux by adding  to the clam-onion mix a bit of the flour at a time and lightly cooking to make a pasty mix.  Add flour, and if too pasty, a bit of clam juice.  Keep adding more flour and clam juice until you get a thick mixture.  This should take most of the clam juice, but while keeping a nice thick mix.  Toss in the sage and stir.

Transfer from skillet to soup pot, scraping up all the goodies with the help of a bit of clam juice.  Stir in  slowly a quart of milk, heating up as you go, stirring constantly to keep the mixture smooth with no lumps as it thickens and cooks.  Add a pint of the heavy cream.  Add the bacon and the potaoes.  

At this stage, add some or all of the second quart of milk and the the remaining heavy cream, heating as you go to achieve desired richness.  More milk, less richness.  More cream, more richness.  Salt and pepper to taste.  With the cream, milk, and any remaining clam juice, the art is to achieve the right mix of richness with clam taste!  Float a quarter stick of butter in the simmering chowder.  Keep simmering (no boiling!) until potatoes are soft and flavors meld. There should be enough for 6 people.  

Serve in cups or bowls, with a pat of butter each, or if you have it, a few drops of sage oil ( a tradition we picked up in Seattle).  Maine clam chowder is not "thick"!  Some enjoy thinner (more milk) or richer (more cream).  I like the rich mouth feel you get with the butter and cream!  Serve with fresh baguettes and a simple green salad, and a dry Pinot Grigio.

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Anonymous Donor $84.00 8/12/2020
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Mark Curry $200.00 7/17/2020
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Mark Curry $50.00 5/20/2020
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