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Event Name: 2013 Gulf Coast Triathlon 70.3
Event Date: 05/11/13

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About Shawn's Anomaly benefiting Texas Children's Hospital  


Shawn's Anomaly was originally started by the inspiration that Matthew & Rachel Murphy got from watching their infant son go through three surgeries in his first year of life to repair a birth abnormality that affects 1 in 35 million children. Matthew & Rachel did not want to see another family go through what they went through, so they decided to start Shawn's Anomaly to provide education, hope, and help to the 1 in 30 families who are born with birth abnormalities.  


The Organization's Goals:


  • Fund congenital anomaly research projects.
  • Aid families in gathering all information regarding research and treatment of their child's congenital anomalies.
  • Provide licensed counseling options for families affected by congenital anomalies.
  • Provide a centralized location where families can find information and connect with other families going through similar experiences.
  • Provide supplemental assistance to families while children are undergoing surgical procedures .   

Please go to for more information...


Texas Children's Hospital | Attn: Shawn's Anomaly Fundraiser

1919 S. Braeswood, Suite 5214 Houston, TX 77030 

Tax ID 74-1100555 

Anybody Can Do It!

Hi!  My name is Melanie Kerschbaum.  I am a veterinary surgeon, a wife, a mom, and ...a triathlete.  I'm not a great athlete.  I'll probably never be on the podium as an age grouper in a race.  I'm not small or fast, but I'm out there getting fit and enjoying all the people I meet!  I am swimming, biking and running at my own pace!  I am showing myself and other people that it doesn't matter if you are a GREAT athlete, only that you are doing it!  My motivation in the past has been to get fit, prove to myself that I can do this and to enjoy the process and the friends I have made.  Now, I am ready to race for another reason.  A more important reason!  Something bigger than just me!  I want to show that athletes of any size or ability can get out there and make a difference!  I am part of the iDO! Fab 5 Team, supporting Shawn's Anomaly.  They help fund research and help families affected by congenital birth defects.  It is a very personal cause to me since two of my own sons were affected by congenital anomalies! Yes, it's a great feeling to be a sponsored athlete and feel a little bit like a pro for a while, but it's even better to feel like I can help make a difference in many other lives!  So, I am racing the Gulf Coast 70.3 triathlon on May 11, 2013 to help raise funds and awareness about congenital birth abnormalities! You can find out more about Shawn's Anomaly by clicking on the link to the side.  I hope I motivate people to get off the couch and get fit and also to reach out and help others. Thanks for your support!!!  

My Generous Donors
Barbara Kerschbaum$25.00*05/20/2013 
David McCracken$10.00  05/10/2013 
Camille Hershey-Wojtowicz$30.00  05/10/2013Good luck!
Brandon Torrance$50.00  05/09/2013 
Jenny Briganti$20.00  05/07/2013 
Keith French$100.00  05/07/2013 
Jackson Wyers$15.00  05/07/2013Good luck in Florida!
Jama Henderson$50.00  05/07/2013 
Jim Svehla$20.00  05/06/2013Have a great race Mel !!
Reta Heintz$25.00  05/02/2013Best of Luck and stay safe!
Alex Stankovic$100.00  05/02/2013In Support of Shawn's Ironman. Donation from Bluefin Software!
Dennis Doughty$25.00*05/02/2013 
Annette Hernandez$20.00*05/02/2013 
Kristine Svehla-Brown$25.00  05/01/2013Good luck Melanie! Race strong!
Vicki Moore$20.00  05/01/2013Good luck Sis! Love you!
Nancy Walker$200.00  05/01/2013Have FUN Mel!!!!!!
Anonymous$100.00  05/01/2013You've got this! Wishing you calm water, the wind to your back and strong legs to finish!
Taylor Coiro$20.00  05/01/2013Good luck with your race! Love you!
nancy dowd$100.00  04/30/2013Good luck Mel:)
M Diane Jensen$25.00  04/28/2013Go, Mel! Have an awesome race - wish I could be there!
Kelly Heinzinger$50.00  04/28/2013Mel, I know you will have a fantastic race, thank you for your inspiration! Love ya Kelly
george dowd$100.00  04/28/2013 
Maryjean Noland$50.00  04/22/2013 
Anonymous$25.00  04/20/2013 
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Total: $1,205