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Cherish Our Children Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Team COCI. Team COCI is an easy way for you to get involved and make a difference for the children we serve. Pick one of our events below and click the JOIN TEAM button to set up a fundraising campaign to spread awareness and raise funds for our programs. Walkers are welcome.

It’s not just about you raising funds we want you to let the kids support you to your finish line. When you create your campaign story include a personal goal with your community along with why you are making a difference with COCI. You might be out to win your age group, set a PR, or it might be just crossing the finish line. When you share your goals your community holds you accountable.

It’s fun! If your event is not listed below let us know and we will add it.

You don’t have to run, bike, or tri. Just let us know what you want to do and we will provide you with a page. Be as creative as you can be. Bowling, Lemonade Stand, Golfing, Wedding Registry, are just a few ideas.

Thanks for supporting COCI in making a difference.         

Cypress Half Marathon, 5K, 1K
 Cypress, Texas
November 12, 2017

Hi Friends and Family!! At the last minute I am joining Rob in the Cypress Half Marathon. Well to tell the truth I’ll be chasing after him (Yes, once again!!) on the 5K portion of the race. Why you may ask am I taking it on? I’ve already roped the guy in after all.

All joking aside I am taking on the race and asking your contribution on behalf of teenagers at risk. Did you know that in excess of 70% of high school children with a parent in prison will not graduate from high school? So, big deal you may say to yourself.

Yet, here is the sadness and tragedy behind that statistic, those same children will end up in prison themselves. At a staggering cost to our country, our communities, their families and worse still, themselves.

Cherish Our Children International’s No More Victims program reliably ensures that these precious lives, these children, get educated, not incarcerated.  See the video with Dominique Sachse.

Please support my efforts for these children by donating - Now and Genereously.

Thank you!   I love you all, Kim

Donations2Date: $350

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Gregory Neil $50.00 11/10/2017 Yaaaaaa Kim, go for it!!!! thank you so much for being a stand for our children
Juli Hall $50.00 11/9/2017 YAY Kim!! Thanks for all that you do to empower and support COCI's kids!! Love, Juli
Anonymous Donor $250.00 11/8/2017 Go KIM!!!
* offline donation