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Workshop Houston

Our mission is to provide youth with creative, technical and educational resources. Our vision is to lay the groundwork for a just society by creating a community that provides youth with support, expanded opportunities and alternative definitions of success.

Over the past twelve years, Workshop Houston has grown from its modest beginnings as a community bike shop to an innovative and vibrant youth development agency in the heart of the Third Ward of Houston, Texas. Using the power of the arts – specifically music production (Beat Shop), fashion design (Style Shop), discovery-based learning (Scholar Shop), and most recently, dance and performing arts (Dance Shop) – Workshop Houston’s programs deeply impact the lives of young people from some of Houston’s most underserved communities. These programs give youth the opportunity to build skills and self-confidence, develop a meaningful creative practice, and excel in school and beyond. The shops are open to students in middle and high school every afternoon during the school year and for eight weeks in the summer. Our professional teaching mentors are experts in their fields, and the programs are completely free to participants.

We are actively expanding to serve more students, and will be opening a dramatically improved facility for our programs in 2018. We invite you be a part of the vital creative resources we offer to youth in Houston, and hope you will choose to join the caring community that makes Workahop Houston possible. Thank you in advance for all of your love and continued support! 

Run Houston! University of Houston 10K, 5K, 1K
 4800 Calhoun Road Houston, TX 77004
September 25, 2016

These children are our future and I believe in supporting an organization that goes above and beyond to nurture the future minds of the City/Country! I am willing to get up and do my part to make sure these children do not just become another statistic, but the honest truth is that it takes funds to do so. I am asking you to donate whatever is on your heart to help the cause and thank you in advance for your generous donation!

God Bless.

Jordan Price

Donations2Date: $1,180

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bridgeway Run Houston $125.00* 10/13/2016 Congratulations and thank you for participating in Bridgeway Run Houston! For A Cause.
Jordan Price $50.00 9/23/2016 God Bless the kids!
Jeffrey Horn $50.00 9/20/2016
Linsey Boraud $105.00 9/20/2016
Amanda DeGroot $50.00 9/19/2016
James DeFrayne $50.00 9/19/2016
Ronald Garrett $750.00 9/19/2016
* offline donation