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The Walk for Mental Health Awareness - Houston

Who Are We:

Established in 2010 as the Walk to Washington, DC for Depression Awareness to later transforming into the Walk for Mental Health Awareness - Houston in 2011, the Walk Houston is a full voluntary run organization with the sole purpose of raising mental health awareness and funding for local non-profit agencies. We now have our event held during National Mental Health Week in October in Houston Texas.

Our Mission Statement:

The Walk for Mental Health Awareness – Houston is a community based event that helps raise awareness and funding for Greater Houston area non-profit agencies and programs that provide mental health services; creating an environment for our positive public dialog.

Our Vision Statement:

For those struggling under the weight of depression or a mental illness, past failures, or harmful relationships, every-day-living can feel like a death sentence. The physical, mental and emotional suffering steals the heart out of life and if left untreated, will ultimately destroy them. There is help and there is hope, but you can only find this by reaching outside of yourself. The Walk for Mental Health Awareness – Houston is a celebration of the hope of life after mental illness and a call to action by people in our community.


  1. REGISTER FOR THE EVENT by clicking HERE! (Fee $25 per person/ 12 year and older)
  2. Raise awareness and funds for an Agency of your choice by clicking "JOIN TEAM" below!

 *To create your own team for an agency; email your desired team name and your beneficiary walk Agency to

For an example: Patrick Walkers (desired team name) | The Walk Houston (chosen walk agency | Team will be listed as: Patrick Walkers – The Walk Houston

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 Cypress, TX
September 26 - 27, 2020

Mental health awareness is something we don't openly speak about in our minority communities, especially in the Latinx community.  In our communities we don't believe our minds need to be checked or evaluated because "we are not crazy". We are often told be strong, suck it up, everyone has problems, don't show signs of weakness. As if expressing any signs of depression, anxiety, or negative thoughts make us weak. We often suppress how we are feeling and don't know how to seek the help we need. It is important to take care of our bodies, yet we always neglect our brains. We need to denounce the stigma on mental health and promote the benefits of seeking help. I would like to personally help bring awareness to mental health and help the Walk for Mental Health Awareness - Houston raise money to further mental health services in our Houston area. Please help me reach my goal and promote mental health awareness. 

Donations2Date: $315

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
WatchMe Harder $50.00 7/7/2020
Lisa Perrien $50.00 6/29/2020 Thank you for doing this for mental health awareness!
Katherine Chitay $25.00 6/27/2020
Sarah Wilson $20.00 6/19/2020 ??
Yvonne Hinojosa $50.00 6/18/2020
WatchMe Tri $50.00 6/16/2020
Jennifer Harris $20.00 6/10/2020
Chivonne Martinez $50.00 3/7/2020 Get it Jessica! One more mile...!
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