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Mission in Motion

Team Mission in Motion was created to empower, motivate, and inspire our St. Paul’s community and friends to “Get Fit & Give Back” through training and fundraising. Scroll down and click the event links.  See our athlete list and please visit one of their campaigns. Donate by clicking sponsor me or make a donation!

Your support will change hundreds of lives through mission work this summer!

Thank you, St. Paul's Youth


Kemah Triathlon Weekend Olympic, Sprint & 5K
 Kemah, TX
April 27, 2014

We are doing the Kemah Triathlon together and mom and dad are even joining us (Ann Marie would too but she has a volleyball tournament)

The only thing that will get us away from our video games and make us workout and train is this excellent cause...

 St Paul's Summer Youth Mission Work!

We are so excited to be a part of the youth group and we went on our first Mission Trip last summer and can't wait to do it again. Together with youth from around Texas we will help people in need with home repairs, painting and devotions. 

Please help us reach our goal and raise $5,000 for youth ministry & youth summer mission work


Jon & Jakeā€¦P.S. This awesome family photo was taken by Aunt Sonya especially for us! Thanks So!!!


Donations2Date: $4,505

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Onurmark Productions $250.00* 4/28/2014
Naomi Lacey $200.00 4/25/2014 Jake and Jon, you guys are such an inspiration! Go, go, go!!!!
Mike Mahlstedt $500.00 4/22/2014
Janice West $100.00* 4/21/2014 Yah Yah loves you...go boys go!
Anonymous Anonymous $2,000.00* 4/21/2014 We are so proud of you guys
Uncle Jon, Sandra, Dylan & Emma West $200.00* 4/21/2014 Go boys..we are so proud of you! U can do it!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 4/18/2014
Cheryl Larkin $105.00 4/17/2014 Good Job.....Aunt Cissy & Uncle Chris I had to donate more than Aunt Lulu
Lupe Garcia $75.00* 4/15/2014 Go boys! I am proud of you
Jennifer & Shawn West $750.00* 4/15/2014 We are so proud of you Jon and can do it!
Ann Marie West $125.00* 4/15/2014 Go bubbers! U can do it!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 4/10/2014 We love y'all Lulu and Dave
* offline donation