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Hannah's Hope Fund

Welcome to Team Hannah's Hope Fund and Justin's Triumph over GAN. We raise funds to support the development of a treatment and cure for Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN), and to be the resource for doctors, scientists and families world-wide.  GAN is an extremely rare and fatal genetic disease.  There are only 63 known cases world-wide.  The life expectancy for these children is only into their 20's.  In 2015, the FDA approved an experimental trial -- so far, 2 patients have been injected.  Help us raise money to continue our search for a cure for GAN.


Towne Lake Olympic & Sprint Triathlons
August 31 - September 1, 2014
 Cypress, TX

I realize that many of you already sponsored me for my 1/2 Ironman race and I am grateful.  However, the race to find a cure has not ended so I am once again asking for your help.  Remember, all of the donations are tax deductible so if you gave in 2013, maybe you will consider giving again in 2014.

While I might be a little tired after finishing this race, this is nothing compared to what my twin brother Justin and little sister Lexi are going through.  I know that I will catch my breath after just a few moment.   Kids with GAN end up needing oxygen just for normal breathing.

Please help us find a cure.  I want them to be able to swim, bike and run just like me.

Donations2Date: $8,755

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Onurmark Productions $500.00* 9/1/2014
Tom & Norine, Moore $25.00 8/29/2014
Alisha Wagner $50.00* 8/29/2014
Tracy McLauchlin $50.00* 8/29/2014
Andrew Drexler $200.00* 8/27/2014
Sammy Ramos $150.00* 8/27/2014
jeremy horn $50.00* 8/26/2014
Matt Stanley $100.00* 8/25/2014
Sharon Vincent $50.00* 8/25/2014 Way to go Jared, Love Aunt Sharon
amanda johnson $50.00* 8/25/2014
Hubert Ho $100.00* 8/24/2014
Brad Edwards $500.00* 8/24/2014
Scott Elder $200.00* 8/24/2014
Lee Anne Dixon $100.00* 8/23/2014 Let's Whip GAN
Layne Kitchens $25.00* 8/23/2014 let's whip GAN challenge
James Randle $100.00* 8/22/2014 let's whip GAN challenge
Ashley Tabor $100.00* 8/22/2014 Let's Whip GAN challenge
Kim Swan $100.00* 8/22/2014 let's whip Gan Challenge
melanie alo $25.00 8/21/2014
Melanie Alo $50.00* 8/21/2014 Let's WHIP GAN
Claire Fisher $100.00* 8/21/2014 Let's Whip GAN
cheryl sullivan $100.00 8/19/2014 Praying for a cure!
susan mitchem $500.00 8/19/2014 GOD SPEED! Hugs, Susie Mitchem
Shannon Scharella $200.00* 8/18/2014 Let's Whip GAN
Jay Broadfoot $50.00* 8/18/2014 Whip GAN
Lucinda Kontos $125.00* 8/17/2014
B of A Charitable Foundation $4,815.00* 7/21/2014
Heritage Texas Properties $270.00* 6/26/2014
Kathy Tedore $70.00* 6/24/2014
* offline donation