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Hannah's Hope Fund

Welcome to Team Hannah's Hope Fund and Justin's Triumph over GAN. We raise funds to support the development of a treatment and cure for Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN), and to be the resource for doctors, scientists and families world-wide.  GAN is an extremely rare and fatal genetic disease.  There are only 63 known cases world-wide.  The life expectancy for these children is only into their 20's.  In 2015, the FDA approved an experimental trial -- so far, 2 patients have been injected.  Help us raise money to continue our search for a cure for GAN.


HMSA Classical 25K, 10 Miler, 5K
 Houston, TX
December 1, 2019

I run to save my brother and sister.

Donations2Date: $2,951

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
HMSA Classical $400.00* 12/7/2019 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the HMSA Classical Charity Challenge.
Bellaire Area Mothers Of Multiples Mothers Of Multiples $480.89* 11/27/2019 Proceeds for GAN from items donated to benefit HHF at the garage sale
Chris LaVallee $500.00* 11/25/2019
Rocky LaGrone $500.00* 11/25/2019
Curtis August $100.00* 11/21/2019
Robin Gail $500.00* 11/21/2019
Peter Ewald $50.00* 11/15/2019
Amy Barmhall $50.00* 11/15/2019
Elizabeth Baker $50.00* 11/15/2019
Tom Mulligan $50.00* 11/15/2019
Valerie Richardson $50.00* 11/15/2019
Jeronimo Alonso $33.00* 11/15/2019
Jean Pierre $25.00* 11/15/2019
Nerea Estevez $22.00* 11/15/2019
Melissa Ward $20.00* 11/15/2019
Alex Smith $20.00* 11/15/2019
Jill Hutton $100.00* 11/15/2019
* offline donation