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LueWish grants wishes to women who are experiencing cancer or any life altering issues. We inspire women to live, love and love in spite of. We understand that the power of one wish can change a life and empower women to emerge like a beautiful butterfly.

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September 20, 2020

LueWish was launched in June 2019. We are a 501c3 organization that grants wishes to women who are experiencing life altering issues due to cancer, heart disease and domestic violence. We inspire women, through a community of care. to live, love and laugh out loud inspite of life altering issues. We have seen the power of a wish transform a life altering issue into a triumphant memory in the lives of the women we touch. Each emerging like a beautiful butterfly.

The greatest story we can ever write is the story we pin to someone else’s book of life. A women’s story is more than a diagnosis or a bad relationship. Our mission is to impact their story by giving, sharing and caring. Thus, showing compassion and collaborating with other organizations to make the difference when life happens. LueWish desires to build a legacy as an organization that makes a difference in the lives of women and the communities in which they live. Will you help us grant HERwish by joining our team or donating today. 

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Vanessa Kirkendoll $50.00 10/9/2020
Brenda Marshall $55.00 9/15/2020
Mitch Marcel $250.00 9/7/2020
Helen Lee $25.00 8/22/2020
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