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Our mission is to empower children and their families through health and wellness care and education so they can achieve self-reliance and a positive future.

We believe that health influences children's success and that good health is more effectively achieved through family and community involvement.

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June 1 - July 31, 2020

My name is Gabriela, Gaby. I am a Shared Beat Scholarship Student in my first year of medical school in Guatemala City, Guatemala. In 7 years I will be a doctor and be able to help the people of Guatemala. By supporting Shared Beat, you are helping to make my dreams come true! Here is the recipe for my favorite dish.

Beef Broth Accompanied by Rice and Lemonade


1 lb. Rice, rinsed.

1 onion, sliced thin.

1 tomato, sliced thin

1/2 chili pepper, chopped into thin strips.

1 ½ cups water.


Salt to taste.

Preparation: Wash the tomato and pepper chili. In a frying pan, add oil (necessary so the ingredients do not stick), the tomato, onion, and chili pepper over medium heat. Cook for 5 minutes. Add rice and mix. When the rice starts to stick mix a little more and add water until it completely covers the rice, over maximum fire. When it starts to boil, cover, reduce heat, and check constantly. When the rice has absorbed the water completely, remove from heat. Be careful not to let it stick. Salt to taste.

Beef Broth

1 lb. beef

1 lb. of beef bones

1 lb. potatoes

2 tomatoes

1 onion

1 garlic head

1/4 cabbage, chopped

10 green beans

1/2 Chili pepper

1 carrot, sliced

1 cassava, peeled & chopped

1 chayote, peeled & chopped

1 piece of celery, chopped


Salt to taste

Preparation: Cut the tomatoes, onion and pepper chili into thin slices and add them to a pot of water. Place beef, beef bones and the head of garlic in the pot on low heat. Add salt to taste. Put the potatoes, chayote, carrot, cassava in the pot. Turn the heat to high and boil. 10 minutes before turning off, add cabbage and green beans. 5 minutes before turning off, add the coriander.

Spicy Mix


Lemon juice


Onion, chopped


Preparation: Place the chili petin in a dish, add a pinch of salt, and crush. Add onion, celery, lemon juice, coriander, and salt to taste.  


10 Lemons



1 pinch of salt

Preparation: Cut lemons in half, squeeze the juice in a glass. Pour the juice into a pitcher of water carefully so that the seeds of the lemons are not added, sweetened to taste. 








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Donnica Wingett $100.00 7/27/2020 Te extrano, Gaby! Muchos abrazos.
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MARY JACKSON $27.50 6/29/2020 Good Luck Gaby!
Donette Bisett $100.00 6/28/2020 Way to go Gaby!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 6/28/2020 I can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing with us.
Phillip Kirchner $100.00 6/27/2020 Buena Suerte! Saluada a Iris si la ves...
Anonymous Donor $215.00 6/27/2020 Buena Suerte Gabriela!
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