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Cherish Our Children International

Cherish Our Children believes that all children should be loved, protected and nurtured. We believe in providing children with a solid foundation for healthy physical, intellectual and emotional development. We have witnessed a transformed future in thousands of children’s lives and wish to propel the movement forward. Will you join us?


Devon Wade is a native Houstonian and current PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology at Columbia University. His research interests explore issues of race/ethnic inequality, crime & incarceration and urban education. His doctoral work and research was inspired in large by his participation and work with the Houston area non-profit No More Victims - An Advocacy Agency for Newborns and Children of Incarcerated Parents. As a student at M.B. Smiley High School here in Houston Texas, he became a participant of the organization located on his campus as a child with both parents in prison. His participation and the time spent with the founder Marilyn Gambrell inspired his interested in learning more about the impact of incarceration and poverty on families. Devon went on to earn his B.A. from Louisiana State University where he studied sociology and continued working with No More Victims, ultimately writing his senior thesis on the impact of parental incarceration on childrens acadmic aspirations. These expreiences led him to his current doctoral research and now woek as a Assistant Program Director for the non-profit. In his spare time, Devon loves to travel, having visited over 17 different countries. He also likes to remain active and fit through gym and outdoor activities. Devon is running this race for the many children who like him have/had a parent(s) in prison, are in poverty and may feel limited by thier zip-code and background or the circumstances of their parent(s)/communities they had no control over in being placed.  








Event Donors Goal Progress
Jeff & Brede's Triathlon
June 25, 2017  Mary Jo Peckman Park Katy, TX
Raised $2,300 of $5,000