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Discover Fitness Foundation

Discover Fitness Foundation (DFF) awards athletic scholarships to children fighting obesity, children with special needs, and children with financial need wishing to participate in recreational and competitive level gymnastics. The DFF mission will be accomplished by generating and providing the funding, and acting as a liaison organization, linking scholarship candidates with a gymnastics facility near their home.

Monster Mash 10k, 5k, Kids K
 Houston, Texas
October 11, 2014

Hi All,  

Please support me as I support the Discover Fitness Foundation on my 5k run on October 11, 2014. I’m super excited to be running in the 5k!

As a gymnastics coach and working with special needs I found that gymnastics can change a kid’s life and confidence.

Please support me by donating to this amazing program. I believe we can make a difference with your generosity. 

Please contribute to our cause. Thank you for your contribution, and thank for supporting DFF.

Coach Francisco Acuna.

Donations2Date: $4,190

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Brad Suddarth $50.00 10/11/2014
David Barcz $100.00 10/11/2014 Great job!
Anonymous Donor $20.00 10/11/2014
Onurmark Productions $350.00* 10/11/2014 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Onurmark Giving Challenge.
Janelia Tse $100.00 10/10/2014 Way to go, Coach Francisco! Good luck, Panelia
Keri Boswell $25.00 10/10/2014 Good Luck Franny!!!!
Anonymous Donor $25.00 10/10/2014 Way to go, Coach Francisco! Good luck, Panelia
Carolyn Markesich $200.00 10/10/2014 Go Francisco!!!!!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/9/2014
Bodene Orr $250.00 10/8/2014 Hope you make it in one piece!
Shannon Harlan $30.00* 10/8/2014
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/7/2014 Thanks for doing this! Love, Reagan and Reese Moriarty
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/7/2014 Have a great race!
Sharon Lee $25.00 10/6/2014 Good luck Franciso - keep up the good work!
Carly Browne $25.00 10/6/2014 Good luck! From Chloe Browne and her family
Jose Manuel, Gonzalez $20.00 10/6/2014
Danielle Herring $25.00 10/6/2014 Happy running, Coach! Hannah Herring
Christopher Pipkin $50.00 10/6/2014 Good luck!
Meredith Johnston $35.00 10/5/2014
Lisa Phillips $30.00 10/4/2014 Go Francisco! Brewer & Bonham are cheering you on!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/3/2014 Good luck and thank you for all you do for these kids.
Loraine LaGrange $20.00 10/3/2014 This is such a good cause. My 2 youngest sons have multiple labels including Autism and being in gymnastics has opened them socially. Beautiful!
Laura Godfrey $20.00 10/3/2014 Good luck! Have fun!
William Mouton $25.00 10/3/2014 Good luck! - from Coley Mouton
David Reed $100.00 10/2/2014 Good luck Francisco Love from Jack, Samantha and Ila
Paula Camila $100.00 10/2/2014 Tu major amiga te desea mucha suerte!!! (Tambien la hermana de tu major amiga).
Bobby Bailey $20.00* 10/2/2014
George Conner $15.00* 10/2/2014
Helen & Leigh Anne $100.00 10/1/2014 Thanks for supporting such a wonderful cause.
Philip Mason $50.00 10/1/2014 Have a great run Coach Francisco!
Susybelle Gosslee $25.00 10/1/2014
Ann Robey $20.00 9/30/2014
Debbie Pacholder $50.00 9/27/2014 Good luck Francisco! The Pacholder Family Debbie, Tom, Matthew, Allison and Shannon
Allyson Kinzel $300.00 9/26/2014 Have a fun run!
Sergio Fabian, Paluk $100.00 9/25/2014
April Weinstein $100.00 9/25/2014 Go Francisco from. Taff April Addison and Autumn
Svetlana Boguinskaia $75.00 9/24/2014 Go Francisco !!!!
Michelle Agrons $30.00 9/23/2014 We love you, Francisco!
Colleen Wilberts $50.00 9/22/2014 Good Luck Coach! From, Thea
Gretchen Frauenberger $100.00 9/19/2014 Good Luck
Monica Berckley $20.00* 9/18/2014
Jennifer Kanak $50.00 9/17/2014 Go Coach Francisco!!! From, Lauren Tooms
Michelle O'Connor $50.00 9/16/2014 Good luck, Francisco!!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 9/15/2014 Go Francisco! From the Williams: Amelia & Bailey
SUZANNE ONEILL $100.00 9/15/2014 Good luck, Francisco!
Shoa Eddin (Neeyaz) Abedi $50.00* 9/15/2014
Juanita Solis $50.00 9/14/2014 Good luck!
Cindi Vidal $150.00 9/13/2014 Good Luck Coach Franciso!! Sophia, Dani and Gabi
Isabel Sigala $100.00 9/11/2014 Vamos Francisco tu puedes !
Danny Escamilla $40.00 9/10/2014
DOUGLAS DARROCH $100.00 9/10/2014
Mireya Wahl $50.00 9/10/2014 Gianna says, go Francisco!!!!
Rachel Spears $100.00 9/9/2014
Courtney Hodge $50.00 9/9/2014 Way to go Francisco...and what a fabulous cause!
Shantell Legaspi $50.00 9/9/2014 Good Luck Coach! From Makayla
Jennifer Rayburn $50.00 9/8/2014 good luck! thank you for contributing to this organization. Love, Reese
Anonymous Donor $20.00 9/5/2014 Good luck - enjoy the race
Anonymous Donor $50.00 9/4/2014 Goooooooo Francisco!
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