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Discover Fitness Foundation

Discover Fitness Foundation (DFF) awards athletic scholarships to children fighting obesity, children with special needs, and children with financial need wishing to participate in recreational and competitive level gymnastics. The DFF mission will be accomplished by generating and providing the funding, and acting as a liaison organization, linking scholarship candidates with a gymnastics facility near their home.

Cypress Half Marathon, 5K, 1K
 Cypress, Texas
November 12, 2017

Hey everyone!

Many of you know me, and for those that do not, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Coach Francisco, and I have been coaching children’s gymnastics for over 15 years. I have a passion for this job, and early on I discovered how much I can positively change the lives of children through gymnastics, especially for special needs kids. Discover Fitness Foundation is a non-profit organization helping different areas of need for children and their families. The DFF supports children with Special Needs, children fighting obesity, and kids with outstanding gymnastics talent that have financial need.  

Please help me to reach my goals to help change children's lives!

Donations2Date: $5,675

Donor Donation Amount Donation Date Comment
Bayou City Half Marathon $500.00* 11/16/2017 Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Bayou City Giving Challenge.
Brad Zamzow $50.00 11/11/2017 Good luck tomorrow!
douglas darroch $100.00 11/10/2017
Bodene Orr $500.00 11/8/2017
Danielle Mulvihill $100.00 11/7/2017 On behalf of Central Bank. Have a great race!
Christine Foote $25.00 11/5/2017 Good luck! ?? Isabella and Gavin Foote
Mireya Gamez-Wahl $50.00 11/5/2017 From Laila and Gianna Wahl
Anonymous Donor $25.00 11/3/2017
Marisa Mireles $100.00 11/3/2017 Congratulations Fran!!!
Philip Golden $50.00 11/3/2017 Thank you for running for DFF! Good luck!
Diane Markesich $50.00 11/3/2017
Jamil Joyner $150.00 11/3/2017
Rachel Ragan $25.00 11/2/2017 Way to go Coach Francisco!
Bobby Bailey $40.00* 11/1/2017
Derek Randel $50.00 10/26/2017
Brandi Hines $17.00 10/26/2017 Great cause!!!! Win Big!!!!!!
Kathi Crawford $100.00 10/25/2017 Have a great race, Francisco!!
Carolyn Markesich $50.00 10/24/2017
Louis Ruffino $200.00 10/23/2017 Thank you for all your support of the Discover Fitness Foundation. Chloe will be cheering for you.
Michelle Agrons $25.00 10/20/2017
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/18/2017
Anonymous Donor $25.00 10/17/2017 Thanks Francisco!!!
Han Wright $50.00 10/16/2017 Happy running! What a great cause!
Jennifer Kanak $50.00 10/14/2017 Good luck Coach! ??Lauren Tooms
Luis Rangel $40.00 10/13/2017 Keep it up!
Anonymous Donor $50.00 10/11/2017
Faiza Khoja $50.00 10/7/2017
Claudia Hogue $100.00 9/30/2017 You are inspiring Coach Francisco! Thank for for raising awareness and changing children's lives! The Hogues
Ludy Cuello $35.00 9/30/2017 Thank you for all you do!
Yulia Shuvalova $100.00 9/29/2017 Good luck and thank you for making difference!
Thomas Murphy $100.00 9/29/2017 Happy running!!
Isabel Pelaez $25.00 9/28/2017
Angela Gonzalez $60.00 9/28/2017
april weinstein $200.00 9/27/2017
jeanine fisher $250.00 9/26/2017 Francisco, Thank you for all you do. you are a very kind and caring young man. Much Luv for all you do.
Lucy Torres $50.00 9/26/2017 Si se puede! Adelante..
Craig Hill $100.00 9/25/2017 Donation for Francisco Acuna from Craig Hill and Danny Lucerna.
Josh Sanders $100.00 9/25/2017
Kevin Patterson $60.00 9/24/2017
Arta Ahouraei $70.00 9/22/2017
Colleen Wilberts $75.00 9/21/2017
Erin Goodman $200.00 9/21/2017 Best wishes from the Goodman and Murphy families.
Svetlana Boguinskaia $50.00 9/21/2017
Silvianna Platt $40.00 9/20/2017 1215 w Hunters
Lee Walker $55.00 9/20/2017 Defend the championship!
Angela Chairez $55.00 9/20/2017
Anonymous Donor $40.00 9/20/2017
Cecilia Fiore $52.50 9/19/2017
Carly Browne $50.00 9/19/2017 Go Coach Francisco!!!! Love-Chloe Browne
Anonymous Donor $335.00 9/18/2017 Thanks for all that you do!!
Terry Fisher $100.00 9/15/2017 Good luck!!! Run fast!! Love, Victoria
Rebekah Creamer $100.00 9/13/2017
Linda Giuffre $750.00* 8/22/2017 Thanks for making a difference.
* offline donation